Taimer Ltd is a Finnish software company that owns, produces, develops, markets and sells Taimer SaaS-software. Taimer offers organizations productivity, mobility and time saving tools to enable more powerful customer interactions. With Taimer you can really run your business with one effective cloud based tool.

There are no hidden fees or forced upgrades to more costly editions. With Taimer it is easy to get started and the product is simple to use.

Taimer is not limited to any specific branch of work. The product is ”one price – get all” easily customizable, easy to pick the tools that suits your needs. Taimer is designed to scale as the business grows.

Taimer has been developed in cooperation with companies with strong expertise in project, sales, resource management, invoicing & billing and time management. Thus, the product development is based on our customers needs. Taimer product history begins in 2010 from which date the program has been built together and for Finnish entrepreneurs.

In early 2014 Taimer took a great leap forward releasing many new features and a totally new platform. Today Taimer provides businesses with an easy-to-use and cost-efficient SaaS-software and is constantly evolving.

Taimer is currently available in the Nordic region and is in 2015 and 2016 expanding to the global market.

For more information please contact us at support(at)taimer.com.

For international Partner Program enquiries contact fredi.palmgren(at)taimer.com.



Eero Saarinen

CEO, Partner

Eero comes from a long line of entrepreneurs within the technology and IT-business. After working for the family businesses for over 10 years he started his first company in 2010. When he´s not in the office busy managing the business and developing Taimer, you can find him in the ski slopes, diving or developing his photopgraphing skills.

Fredi Palmgren

COO, Partner

Fredi started his first company in 2006. After 8 years, in the marketing industry, working hands-on with the customer and project lifecycle he took a leap in to the software business. If he’s not busy building Taimer he´s talking to customers about new features. In his free time, you can probarbly find him boating and relaxing in the archipelago.