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Try Heeros - the simple and smart sales and project management, CPQ, collaboration & invoicing software. See why architecture and engineering firms prefer Heeros to manage their projects and resources.


The difference between Heeros and Alisa

Heeros offers multiple features every architecture and engineering firm needs, to manage their projects. With Heeros, you can manage the entire project from start to finish.

Boost efficiency and improve utilization rate with Taimer's advanced project management tools.

icons8-checkmark-64 Manage tasks and projects with task manager, schedule resources using Gantt, & track time with an automatic time tracker.

icons8-checkmark-64 What else? Collaborate with team and clients, and share files in real-time using Kanban boards, team chat, and automated project threads.

Maintain steady cash flow using Taimer's invoicing and expense management software.

icons8-checkmark-64 Manage all stages of invoicing and expenses, even on the go! Easily invoice- services, hours, expenses, recurring and scheduled invoices.

icons8-checkmark-64What else? Manage bills and purchase orders directly in Taimer. Reorder stock and monitor inventory to maintain steady cash flow.

Reduce overhead costs with intelligent business insights, multiple productivity apps and integrations.

icons8-checkmark-64 Improve efficiency and boost productivity by connecting Taimer to different sales automation tools and accounting integrations.

icons8-checkmark-64 What else? Download customizable reports and get real-time data on company expenses, profit & loss, and sales revenue.

Increase profitability with Taimer's sales pipeline management system.

icons8-checkmark-64 Visualize the progress of your leads, close won deals, manage multiple sales pipelines and all sales activities from one place.

icons8-checkmark-64 What else? Create and manage sales quotes digitally, set target costs and simplify complex product pricing using an advanced CPQ system.

3 Reasons to switch to Taimer

Businesses waste a lot of time and money mired in disjointed applications and outdated software. Here is how Taimer can help you grow!

Get 15 times the return with a scalable solution

Invest in a solution that scales with your business and is customized just for you. 

Save up to 30 mins/day/employee

Stop switching between multiple single-function apps and standalone software.

Increase efficiency and boost productivity up to 400%

Choose from a wide array of integrations and productivity apps to boost efficiency. 

Expenses were created in a form in Microsoft Word and the amount had to be calculated manually by us. It was quite clear that things had to change. Creating expenses is easy for employees when the software calculates the amount automatically. Moreover, the company strongly recommends the time tracking feature. It’s clear and easy.

The biggest advantage of using Taimer is the combination of multiple applications in an all-in-one software. There is no need to switch between apps and spreadsheets or to export information manually. This means you can save both time and money. Our goal was to save time & boost productivity in our business processes. Taimer has met our needs in one simple system.

"We needed an ERP-system for project management. We can have projects running in dozens of different locations in Finland and abroad at the same time. There must be a centralized system in which we have all the necessary documents. And Taimer does this for you. Another important aspect of choosing Taimer was the ease-of-use of hourly time tracking. Based on our experience, I would highly recommend Taimer to engineering firms like ours, but in principle, it works for any company."

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