Apps & Integrations

Take your business to a whole new level with a huge array of integrations and apps available in Taimer from productivity, accounting software, to calendars and more.

DocuSign - eSignature

Whether you’re approving a purchase, closing a sale, or signing an agreement, you can easily accomplish all this in Taimer with the help of DocuSign.Read more



Leadfeeder - Sales Automation (Coming Soon)

With the Leadfeeder integration, you get website visitor details straight into Taimer.


INTUIT Quickbooks
Quickbooks - Accounting Software

Quickbooks offers financial management tools. Create invoices in Taimer and send directly to end customers via Quickbooks. Invoice details are transferred to Quickbooks for bookkeeping.

onedrive-logo-taimer integration

Connect your OneDrive to Taimer and synchronise your files end-to-end.
Office 365 Calendar

Enjoy a 2-way sync with all Office 365 calendar entries in Taimer. Connect as many calendars as you want.
Google Drive (Coming Soon)

Get unlimited capacity and connect your Google Drive to Taimer. Two-way sync of files between Google Drive and Taimer accounts, projects, invoices and more.
G Suite Online Documents (Coming Soon)

Create and edit your Google documents from anywhere with G Suite, and then connect them to projects and accounts in Taimer. Learn more
Google Calendar (Coming Soon)

Enjoy a 2-way sync with all Google calendar entries in Taimer. Connect as many calendars as you want.
Accounting Software

Maventa produces invoicing solutions and services. Send e-invoices and invoices directly from Taimer through the integrated Maventa interface. It is also possible to receive purchase invoices to Taimer via Maventa.
Accounting Software

Procountor is a comprehensive accounting software solution. With the integration, you can transfer invoices from Taimer to Procountor automatically.


eFina - Accounting Software

Administer provides financial management tools and is specialized in digital accounting. Transfer invoices directly from Taimer to Administer’s software eFina.


EmCe - Accounting Software

Transfer sales invoices from Taimer to EmCe, anelectronic financial administration solution provider.

Visma - Accounting Software

Transfer invoices electronically to your accounting software with Fivaldi.You can fully automate your accounting process with Taimer and Econet.
Netvisor - Accounting Software

Financial management software providing up-to-date accounting with automation. The integration enables transferring expenses, purchase and sales invoices automatically from Taimer. Read more.
Bank (Coming Soon)

Daily banking services for both personal and corporate use. As Nordea's customer, you can send e-invoices directly from Taimer.
Accounting Software (Coming Soon)

Fortnox is a bookkeeping, accounting and invoicing tool for entrepreneurs. Integrate Fortnox in order to transfer invoices directly from Taimer to Fortnox. Read more.
Talenom - Accounting Software (Coming Soon)

Talenom offers web-based financial management tools. Transfer expenses, sales & purchase invoices to Talenom directly from Taimer.
Accounting Software (Coming Soon)

Ropo Capital offers receivables management services - from invoicing to collection. When integrated, invoices can be sent to customers directly from Taimer via Ropo Capital. See when the invoices are paid in Taimer.
Accounting Software (Coming Soon)

Dynamics NAV is a sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and inventory management solution for SMEs. Send invoice details, bills and expenses straight to Dynamics NAV for bookkeeping from Taimer.
Customer Financial Data (Coming Soon)

Asiakastieto is a service for digital credit information of companies and persons. Access customer financial data from Taimer by integrating Asiakastieto.
Tikon - Accounting Software (Coming Soon)

Tikon is a financial management software solution. Integrate Tikon with Taimer to transfer sales and purchase invoices.



Heeros Venda integration
Venda - Accounting Software (Coming Soon)

Venda is cloud-based financial administration software by Heeros. Invoices created in Taimer can be transferred to Venda.
Accounting Software (Coming Soon)

Transfer sales invoices from Taimer to Oneway.




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