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Fully automate your accounting process with Taimer and Fivaldi.

Transfer invoices electronically to your accounting software

Getting your accounting related tasks and processes automated can lead to huge savings and less manual work. The entrepreneur's daily routines get easier to perform and errors are reduced.

Transfer Invoices Electronically

Create and send all invoices from Taimer. You can choose to send them via Fivaldi to your end customers as e-invoices, print, or by email straight from Taimer. All invoice details are sent straight to Fivaldi for bookkeeping.

Use Electronic Accounting

Fivaldi's comprehensive solution is scalable and designed to handle all accounting tasks of a business. Fivaldi recommends companies to start using electronic accounting.

Accountants Love Taimer

Taimer is loved by accountants since we save time by digitalizing all receipts, your business invoicing, and billing. Keeping all datasynchronized in one place for both your team and your accountant.

Save Time & Money

Taimer will save you tons of time & money otherwise spent on figuring out when to invoice or what hasn't been invoiced. Delivering receipts every month to your accountant and figuring out hours worked on projects.

Taimer makes running your business easier.

Manage your bookkeeping online

Save time and money by transferring invoices electronically to your accounting software. Your accountant will love it!

  • Manage sales invoices
  • Electronically transfer sales invoices to Fivaldi as XML-files.
  • Synchronize customer lists with Fivaldi
  • Activate and you're ready to go


Invoicing information saved in Taimer CRM can be used to generate invoices instantly. Invoices that are created can be transferred to Fivaldi and sent to the customer in a few seconds.


Reconciliation of registers

The company registers of Fivaldi and Taimer are reconciled when you start using the software. After integration, the interface is immediately available.

Fewer mistakes with electronic accounting software

Migrate your business administration issues to a cloud service. Access your data regardless of time and place. It is time to give up papers and dusty folders.

Managing a company's accounting electronically speeds up work. Thus, the manual work decreases as well as the possible errors. Fivaldi is easy to use, plus it's a cloud service. Taimer and Fivaldi also work smoothly in mobile. Your accounting data travels with you all the times.

Fivaldi is integrated into Taimer to help entrepreneurs focus on their company and develop business. Likewise, Fivaldi integration gives Taimer a tool to serve entrepreneurs better. It's much easier to manage the administrative work of your business within a single software than using eight separate software. Taimer offers different software as a single package: project management, time tracking, CRM, sales pipeline and all the other integrations - including integration with Fivaldi. Learn more about Taimer's features.

Taimer is a modern tool that makes work easier. The automated functions of the software facilitate routines. All the information is up to date, and you will get the information whenever or wherever needed. The entrepreneur's everyday life got just easier.

What's Fivaldi?

Fivaldi software enables fully electronic financial management. The software covers functions such as invoicing, purchase invoice processing, accounts ledger, payroll accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting and electronic archive.

Effective accounting software and the overall system bend to many. It is a cloud service that automates the compulsory routines of your company in an electronic format. Fivaldi reduces manual work and on the other hand, speeds up work.

Fivaldi is a comprehensive solution for managing all the accounting tasks. The software helps businesses make their move towards electronic accounting. Take your accounting to the next level with integrating Fivaldi into your Taimer account. 

Fivaldi and its features provide tools for companies and accountants. The software also enables solutions to those that outsource their accounting, together with the accounting office.

Fivaldi, electronic accounting software is a cloud service that works in a browser. There is no need for additional installations. Fivaldi, like Taimer, is an easy-to-use program. You'll learn quickly how to use it, so you can access the program in a few minutes.

Software: Fivaldi
Type: Accounting software integration
Provider: Visma
LinkVisma.fi (Finnish)
Integration instructions: Help Center (Finnish)

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