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Alternatively, check out Taimer's free CRM & online invoicing software. Built for small businesses and sole traders, you can create invoices in seconds, access unlimited contacts from one place, get boards to collaborate on tasks, track your projects & manage your sales for free:


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Downloadable free invoice template

Have you invoiced your customers? We have a free invoice template for you to use. It's easy to start invoicing with a free invoice template. Our invoice template is Excel-based and easy to use. We recommend using free invoice software - Taimer Free to make invoices which is less painful for a small business to invoice their customers.

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Free invoice template vs. free invoicing software

Invoicing is the most important part of your business, though it's not the most exciting part. A free invoice template seems the easiest solution for low volume invoicing. But is this true? On average it takes 10-20 minutes to fill up an invoice template manually. However, a free invoicing software speeds up work significantly. It's a great tool while managing a lot of stuff as an entrepreneur. Also, by replacing painful spreadsheet invoices with an online free invoice generator software you can save time and money.

How about keeping track on what you're invoicing and when you're invoicing?! With a free invoice template based on spreadsheets invoicing might seem again easier. Yet, tracking what you're invoicing and when you're invoicing is a big challenge with Excel-based templates. Thanks to the Taimer Free Plan, invoicing is easier, faster, and smarter. With the free invoicing software you can spot out which invoices have been paid, are due or overdue. An entrepreneur needs to track how much money they earn each month or year for planning and tax purposes. Sometimes they have to find older invoices and go through different files. A free invoice template makes this harder, too. You'll have all the important files automatically generated for you by using Taimer free invoicing software.

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Invoicing and Billing

Free invoice template or entire invoicing software?

When you don't send that many invoices per month an invoice template might be enough to start with. But, when you have more invoicing to do, you need to consider an invoicing software. Taimer FREE is one option. An invoicing software has its benefits such as:

  • Sending invoices with professional layout
  • Fully customizable with minimum input and maximum output
  • Clients and items automatically saved for future use
  • Simple integrations with accounting software and banks
  • Organizing invoices without needing to put any additional time
  • E-invoicing with an option to send invoices as a PDF or via mail
  • Seeing an overview of your business and invoices at one glance
  • Knowing when your invoice is viewed by a customer
  • Many more features and benefits

If you invoice more than about two or three times a month you should think about getting a good invoicing software.

Does a free invoice template save time & money? The answer is NO!

The Excel-based invoice template is customizable. But, these customizations require time and skills to modify formulas and also fill up each time. It's not the most visual option too. A total headache for an entrepreneur with limited time!


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Solution: Save time with a free invoicing software

You're an entrepreneur so it's clear you love what you do. You wouldn't have your own business if you didn't. By now, you must know that being an entrepreneur is so much more than owning a business or doing what you love. You have more duties and responsibilities. A free invoice template might make life easier, but a free invoicing software makes it definitely easier, faster, and smarter.

When you own a small business you're the one that has to do basically everything. Sales, orders, projects, time tracking, and last but not least invoicing. What to invoice? When to invoice? Who to invoice? You need a tool to keep track of your invoicing. Taimer FREE is the best free invoicing software for small businesses. 

Of course, with a free invoice template, you can make invoices. But, a simple template doesn't remind you what or when to invoice! With the Taimer invoicing software you can save invoices sent on your laptop and use that same data when invoicing your client next time. It's much faster because you have the customer's information already saved in the system.

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