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what is project management taimer.com

What is Project Management: Examples, Definitions, Free Tools 2018

What is project management from a practice perspective? Have you found a clear answer? This article reviews what is project management, its definition,...

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Time management eguide

Time management tools & techniques for project managers - Never miss a deadline again!

Time management tools or time tracking apps are the secret weapons that every freelancer, employee, project manager, or business owner should have...

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task management for work

Task management system for work: definition, examples, & free tools

Looking for an answer to "What is a task management software? Definitions, examples, and free tools." In this article, we’re trying to answer...

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An image showing different elements of ERP system

What is ERP software? How to use it? Simple guide for beginners (Infographic)

What is ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning Software) and how to use it? In this article we're trying to answer those questions...

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Taimer’s mobile-friendliness impresses Cloud² employees

Company Name: Cloud² Industry: Cloud services Company Size: 15 Turnover: not available Taimer version: PRO Core features we love: Sales CRM, Project...

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A strong new partnership – Taimer and eCraft cooperate

IT and Consulting company eCraft and Taimer have signed a major partnership agreement. As a result of this cooperation, eCraft operates as...

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A free invoice template for your use

Are you looking for a FREE invoice template? Download here. At the same time you can explore, the easy to use, FREE Taimer Starter version invoicing software. Invoicing with Taimer Starter is FREE forever!

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