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Taimer enables growth and saves time,

Taimer meets the needs of an marketing agency very well. The CRM-system provides OS/G Oy with great support for business development. - Asumaa, CEO

When we compared software, Taimer beat a couple of the well-known American service providers among others. Taimer meets the needs of an advertisement and marketing agency very well. The CRM-system provides OSG with great support for business development.

"The system must support people's self-management of work while providing a reliable platform for management; this way we can build agile growth and use our resources efficiently," says the OSG CEO Antti Asumaa.


"It is challenging for growth that processes always are related to people. I've been impressed with how well Taimer adapts to the working habits of people in different roles. Agility and comprehensiveness are not easy to achieve in the same package. It requires careful user interface design and understanding of various working tasks in order for the tool to be a work facilitator, not just a mere controlling mechanism or a straight up pain in the neck,” Asumaa describes.

"For example, the logic of generating offers and sales iterativity is understood correctly in Taimer. It is effortless to build different types of cost estimates. Copying a cost template from another project and handy budget versions within the project page save time and nerves.”

“When the budget is up to date and functions as an actual base for the activities, all other follow-up actions such as resourcing, team collaboration, status reporting, and invoice creation are successful. We do not have "work versions" of project documentation going around in people's computers or inboxes,” Asumaa continues.


Finnish know-how combined with customer oriented service

Asumaa considers the Finnishness of Taimer important and wants to recommend Taimer to other domestic companies as well.

"Taimer is more than just a software supplier since it also creates a competitive advantage by developing a product that meets our needs. With a Finland-team, we can set an example of how the commercial process of an expert organization should be handled. Of course, a domestic partner should be favored especially when the product is truly good,” Asumaa concludes.

Antti Asumaa
OS/G Marketing Communications Oy


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