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The 5 Most Important Phases of Sales Management: You'll Earn More by Mastering These!

Get a hold of the 5 most important phases of sales management. Learn how to measure, and manage your deals with ease!

In this article, we will run you through 5 important stages of the sales process and how to manage each stage. The tighter the grip you have on your sales pipeline, the easier it is for you to make deals.

1. Most Important Phases of Sales Management: Generating and managing leads

The sales process starts with leads - generating them is crucial for your success. Where do you search for leads and how much time does it take you? How many different programs do you need for it?

As a Heeros PSA user, you can get good sales leads straight to the CRM system through Suomen Asiakastieto. Suomen Asiakastieto has a comprehensive database of Finnish companies in your target group and you can easily add them to your Taimer.

How do you keep your leads under control? Random, unallocated leads are difficult to handle. That's why you need an effective system for managing leads, so various types of leads, as well as leads in different stages, remain organized.

With Taimer, you can manage your leads systematically as they proceed through the sales pipeline - from creation to deal and even after. You can manage companies and projects with different statuses and group your leads as you prefer in order to make it as easy and effective as possible to handle them.


2. Most Important Phases of Sales Management: From lead to won deal

When a lead has turned into a closed deal and an upcoming project, it is important to get the process going efficiently as well. Do the systems you are currently using require a lot of work in the project start-up phase and do you need to change software?

In Taimer, leads are smoothly transferred to projects and customer relationships. By saving time at this stage, you can start working on the project and doing productive work faster.

Scoro alternative project management Sales management in Taimer


3. Most Important Phases of Sales Management: Taking the lead all the way to invoicing

Consistency throughout the process also enables successful project execution. When you progress through all the steps seamlessly within the same program, information acquired early in the process can be used in project execution as well.

You can manage the whole project life cycle effortlessly in Taimer. Within the same program, you are able to handle everything that project management requires: cost calculations, notes, attachments, activities, collaboration tools, expenses, travel expenses, and invoicing forecasts. With good management, it is easy to move the projects forward.


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4. Most Important Phases of Sales Management: Smooth invoicing

In order to be able to talk about sales, invoicing has to be a part of the process too. If your invoicing process is not smooth, it is clear that the money won’t flow into your account at a steady pace either. Ideally, the invoicing should be as effortless as possible and be handled naturally alongside other things.

Invoicing has been made very easy with Taimer. All billable costs, from working hours to subcontracting, are saved under the right project, ensuring that they will be invoiced for correctly. The invoicing can be done directly from the software. Invoices can be created as PDF files or online electronic invoices. You can therefore get rid of paper invoices.

Showing Sales Pipeline module's invoicing in Taimer Sales Pipeline:: invoicing in Taimer


5. Most Important Phases of Sales Management: Financial management and reporting

In effective sales management, the process doesn't even end with invoicing - the data from the completed project is used to develop future processes. Was the resource quantity on point and were resources used efficiently? What should be done differently next time?


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Taimer ties together sales management, financial management and reporting into one unified and comprehensible entity, in which the different functions take advantage of the same information. With the help of clear reports, projects can be analyzed while being executed as well as when they are finished. The information generated from them can be used when selling, setting the pricing and executing the next project.

Taimer Sales Pipeline Management: All the tools into one package

The sales pipeline effectiveness is generated by comprehensive management of all the stages, and that particularly is Taimer's strength. You can do everything that is needed on one platform.
Heeros is a PSA software that replaces about 8 different apps. CRM and sales management, project management and time tracking, financial management and reporting, and collaboration and communication can all be done in Heeros.

See how Heeros solutions can help you grow your business!


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