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Benefits of HubSpot CRM Integration: Simplify Project & Sales Management, Invoicing & Collaboration

The benefits of HubSpot CRM integration are plentiful and can help you boost your business and simplify your work. Find out how...

Running a business comes with a multitude of tasks and activities to check off your daily to do lists. Balancing everything from marketing and sales to resourcing and project management can easily feel overwhelming. Communication between marketing and sales teams and all other sections of your business is crucial, but it can also be challenging.

While HubSpot is a wonderful tool for marketing insights, web page building and sales pipeline management, it doesn't necessarily offer everything you might need - for example, invoicing, time tracking, or project management. That's why you should consider HubSpot CRM integration.

Luckily, seamless integration of the marketing and sales sections with project management and invoicing is possible, simply by integrating the HubSpot CRM with a powerful ERP system. Unless you're previously familiar with both HubSpot and ERP, you must have a long list of questions bouncing around in your mind.

How do I integrate HubSpot with CRM?

Integration between CRM and ERP systems can seem like a daunting task, but it is definitely rewarding once you're done. It is good to understand that not all ERP systems can be integrated with HubSpot's CRM. Some integrations are built through open API's, some via Zapier, and some are in-house ERP systems that require extensive involvement from your company's development team.

Luckily there are also easier options. Some companies, including Taimer, offer incredibly simple and seamless integrations, which require no technical knowledge or know-how. It can also be very easy to take that first step towards greater success in your business!

Can I invoice through HubSpot? Does HubSpot have invoicing?

Invoicing is an integral part of any business, but it shouldn't take too much of your time that would be better used on advancing your business. HubSpot does not currently have full invoicing capabilities. To assist in invoicing, they offer invoice templates which you can then send manually by email.

By combining all the benefits of HubSpot with the added boost of an ERP or PSA system, you can invoice efficiently directly through the system and save time for other revenue-generating tasks.

Can HubSpot be used for project management?

Project management is an integral part of any business, and should be handled with great care. Managing projects with an iron grip ensures you finalise projects on time and improve your business profits. While HubSpot has some project management functions, their main focus lies on the sales and marketing aspects of business.

HubSpot has a wonderful Sales Hub, which can help you save time in each phase of the sales process. ERP systems like Taimer can do the same with your project management. If your company is managing several projects and you'd like to make sure you always finish those projects on time, consider the benefits of an ERP or PSA system.


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Why Integrate HubSpot CRM with an ERP System?

HubSpot CRM is very easy to use, and it has many features that are quite useful. With HubSpot CRM, you can design enticing online profiles for your brand and manage communication with your leads, prospects, and customers. HubSpot helps you track your performance and communication and offers a clear view of the activities of all team members in a single dashboard, optimised for easy analysis.

In integrating with other apps, HubSpot is generally thought of as one of the best, because it offers extremely efficient integration. HubSpot is an amazing tool for sales and marketing teams, yet it doesn't necessarily offer everything you will need - for example, invoicing, time tracking, or project management.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning systems are a natural partner for HubSpot. ERP software usually integrate various features into one singular system, streamlining your business processes and simplifying your work. They provide you with intelligence, visibility, analytics and heightened efficiency.

The benefits of HubSpot CRM integration with an ERP system are nearly limitless. Seamless integration ensures you simplify all aspects of your business, from project management to invoicing and more. Open communication and visibility into your business improve, giving you a great boost to elevating your business to even greater heights. And the benefits don't end there.

The Biggest Benefits of HubSpot CRM Integration

  1. Stronger and Faster Sales
  2. Streamline processes, enhance communication
  3. Gain full visibility into your business
  4. Nurture leads, build better relationships with clients
  5. Simplify all aspects of your business, from reporting to management

1. Empower Your Sales - Shorten the Sales Cycle, Save Time and Make Money Faster

One of the greatest benefits of HubSpot integration with an ERP system is how the sync shortens your sales cycle, saves you valuable time, and allows you to make money faster. Bi-directional sync ensures you are always up to date on all activities in your sales pipeline, and strong insights will make sure you close deals faster.

2. Streamline Your Processes & Enhance Communication with Bi-Directional Seamless Sync

Full integration of HubSpot CRM and ERP can enhance communication between teams, and provide incredible visibility into all stages of business. This important information is a strong step towards even greater success. Won deals will automatically transfer from HubSpot to your other software and vice versa. This bi-directional sync is an incredible way of cutting down on unnecessary manual labor and concentrating on what really matters - your clients and their needs.

Together the two become a comprehensive package, a seamless connection, handling sales and marketing planning and reporting, lead and sales pipeline management, project management, billing and invoicing and much more. Improved internal and external communication will streamline communication among team members as well as all communication going out to clients.

3. Gain Full Visibility Into Your Business & Customer Life Cycle

Trustworthy and clear data that you can always rely on will provide you with improved visibility into your business insights. Integrating HubSpot CRM and a solid ERP system will ensure you have all the information you need at the touch of a button.

Utilise this data to control every stage of your customer life cycle. Reach and acquire new customers, nurture your customer relationships, and retain more continued customers than before.

4. Nurture Leads

Strong integration between HubSpot CRM and your ERP system can provide you invaluable information. This will help you nurture leads and build stronger relationships with your customers. These insights can also help you build better strategies, and make sure you win more deals and increase your sales.

Lead nurturing can be very simple and efficient. Especially when this integration automatically helps you retain a lead's interest until they are actually ready to buy.

5. Simplify Your Business

Make sure your entire company is collaborating and succeeding from one single hub, using a strong and simple integration. The bi-directional sync ensures you will always be aware of updates in either system. Integrating elements between HubSpot and ERP will strengthen and simplify every aspect of your business.

Note! We have a wonderful free e-Guide on getting started with a CRM or ERP system. The free guide goes through all the important details and we highly recommend it to anyone considering an ERP system, or an integration between your current CRM and an ERP system.

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How to Choose the Right ERP System

With the right project management software, you can accurately and efficiently delegate tasks. Also, make quick and informed decisions, manage risks, and handle all details related to project management. There are plenty of ERP systems available on the market. Choosing the right one for you can seem like a daunting task. Now we might be biased, but we're honestly proud of what we've built at Taimer.

HubSpot has a strong focus on streamlining marketing, sales and customer service. With the help of integrations to PSA or ERP systems such as Taimer you can extend your CRM with key business features and functions such as project management, resourcing, time tracking and invoicing. These are just some of the functionalities that are at the heart of Taimer.

Taimer provides an amazing number of features in one unified platform. CRM and contact management, real-time visibility into project schedules, financials, trends, activities & memos, time tracking, resource planning, project invoicing, and real-time follow-ups, to name just a few.

benefits of hubspot crm integration with taimer Taimer & HubSpot integration provides a powerful bi-directional sync


With the Taimer & Hubspot integration, you can manage all your deals, contacts and companies with a two-way sync.

Check out this video and learn how Taimer can boost your business and simplify your work!


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