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Best Project Management Tool

What is Project Management: Examples, Definitions, Free Tools (Recommended)

What is project management from a practice perspective? Have you found a clear answer? This article reviews what is project management, its definition,…

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Taimer made it even easier to manage everyday life at Siliä

A suitable choice and good value for money Siliä Oy chose Taimer as their business management system in early 2015. Siliä Oy…

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resourcing Resursointi taimer

Information and the Right Tools – A Project Manager’s Best Friends

Often a project manager’s job is to balance numerous areas of business – to oversee the project’s schedule and costs, resourcing, customer satisfaction and building up the customer relationship. In their own organization, the manager serves teams and makes efficient co-operation possible. At first sight, this task seems almost unachievable, but two key things can make the impossible possible: Flow of information and the right tools.

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Updated Taimer Enters New Markets – Six Tips for Companies Going Global, EN, taimer.com

Updated Taimer Enters New Markets – Six Tips for Companies Going Global

Slush is upon us – and it’s even more relevant for Taimer than ever before, because Taimer is entering new international markets. Taimer has been developed in close cooperation with existing customers, and now it’s time for us to gather some fresh insight from entrepreneurs, investors, and other influential people. In the spirit of sharing, we are now passing on some of the things we’ve learnt so far.

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How to Succeed without an Investor – Eight Tips on Building a Startup

In anticipation of Slush, many startup entrepreneurs are mulling over the hardships of finding financing for their companies. It is often said that a company can’t grow without outside investors – but this, of course, isn’t true at all. There are many startups, including Taimer, that are completely self-financed.

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Jukka Tuhkanen

Taimer is an investment rather than an expense for our company

Our goal was to invest in an all-in-one business management system, and we got to know a lot of different software. Taimer…

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Efficient CRM Solution

Taimer enables growth and saves time

When we compared software, Taimer beat a couple of the well-known American service providers among others. Taimer meets the needs of an…

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