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New look & feel, better software and big news

Taimer is now Heeros and this means big news for both existing and new users.

Taimer is part of the Heeros product portfolio and we will be publishing exciting reformations from August 15th 2022 and forward. This will be visible to Taimer's customers as visual changes and improvements in the user experience. In turn, there is big news for new customers, keep reading!

Big news for new customers

In the upcoming weeks, we will release a completely new software version designed for the needs of small businesses. The service format, which is unique in the Finnish software market, ensures easy implementation and user experience of the software throughout the use of it.

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New look - same intuitive software

In terms of visuals, Taimer's look & feel will be renewed and the first changes are already public.

For example, the colors on the website and in the Taimer software are gradually changed to match the Heeros brand. The previous light blue color has now acquired a new darker shade. The Taimer logo has also been updated to the Heeros logo, and we will use it on our different channels in the future.

Although Taimer’s appearance is going to be updated and product improvements made, all its main functions remain the same. Our customers can therefore continue using the program as before without any actions. You will soon be able to enjoy the new, more fresh Taimer!

Many things remain and Taimer is getting even better

We are passionate about our customer's growth and are ready to support and accelerate it with all available means. We are constantly improving our products and therefore, in addition to a new look, we also implement new updates that support the key benefits of the Taimer software - simplifying work and making it more efficient. 

With Heeros' support and know-how, we can invest even more in software development in the future. The integration between Taimer and Heeros software will also be strengthened and the connection between the platforms will work more seamlessly in the future. Heeros-Taimer business management solution is a comprehensive package for financial administration and project management, perfectly suited for professional services! 

Heeros - software that makes running a business easier

Heeros is a Finnish software company Founded in 2000 specialising in cloud-based financial administration solutions. Heeros is a pioneer in its field and today, Heeros operates internationally. With the acquisition of Taimer, Heeros is expanding its product portfolio and moving from financial management to a provider of more comprehensive enterprise software.

Heeros financial administration solutions support business growth by automating and streamlining day-to-day work in financial management. Our modular software allow our customers to implement only the functionalities they need for their financial administration and pay only for the services they use. Read more about Heeros modules and functionalities on Heero's website!

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