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Time Tracker Software: Top 5 signs why you should invest in getting one!

Time tracker software is one way to monitor your own or your employee's behavior while working. We'll tell you why you should invest in Time Tracker.

Do you want to track where your time or your employee's time go during working hours? It's not always that easy to keep your mind focused or be as efficient as you would like to be. Time tracker software is one way to monitor, organize and analyze your own or your employee's behavior while working. We'll introduce you to top 5 signs why you should invest in Time Tracker. But first let's talk about Time Tracker: what it is and why do you need one?


“Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing!”

- Miles Davis


Time Tracker Software Improves Project Management

Project management without time tracking would be painful and chaotic work. Time Tracker is a simple solution that shows your employee utilization and helps with resourcing and time organization problems. Time tracking apps are virtual tools that you can use in many ways but usually measure time spent on a task, a project or an application. In addition, with more advanced tools like Taimer time tracker software you can even pay the salary based on hours and invoice a project or customer.


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Six Time Management Strategies to Stay on Time and Budget

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A time tracking app or a cloud-based time tracking software helps you keep your team aligned with a project’s related tasks. As we all know, projects are divided into smaller tasks. With Time Tracker platforms team’s time management is simplified and all team members can see who is in charge of a task. Also, they can know when the specific task has started, how long it would take, and when it is due.


“Time Management Is Life Management”

- Robin Sharma


Time Tracker Software Is an Investment!

Now that we know what do we mean by time tracker, we can take a closer look at top 5 reasons why you really should invest in Time Tracking apps. These 5 reasons would save you time, money, and effort!


Time Tracker Software Is an Investment Time Tracker Software Is an Investment, Taimer.com


1. Reduce Social Media Usage at Work using Time Tracker Software

Basically, everyone has at least a social media account. In fact, the average internet user has 5 social media accounts. There's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Jodel, Tinder – choose your favorite! And, actually, people are addicted to using social media nowadays. They'll post on social media or explore someone else's posts without knowing the time is progressing. Nonetheless, no one wants to pay an employee for checking their social media accounts every five minutes! Right?

There are times when you have to use Facebook to communicate with someone or a cute guy or girl sends you a message on Tinder and you just have answered right away. And that's fine! But that's not fine anymore when it happens all the time. That cute person will understand. Wouldn't you?

You might not notice but you or your team members could be wasting a lot of time on non-work related activities. It happens a lot! Employees might spend just checking social media account or aimlessly browsing the Internet. Did you know that almost two-thirds or 67% of employees on average regularly check social media while at work, Sprout Social reported. It's understandable to some point but also annoying and not efficient.


Time Tracker Lessens Social Media Usage at Work Daily time spent on social media while at work, Sprout Social


One solution to solve the problem is to use a #TimeTracker app such as #Taimer. Tracking hours activates a sense of positive guidance that will make employees want to focus and be more efficient at work without being really supervised. So, start today and activate self-supervision in your employees.


2. Time Tracker Apps Reduce Aimless Internet Surfing

Although sometimes surfing the Internet can help an employee to concentrate better. For example, if you had a huge task that you just completed a few minutes surfing the Internet can help you to reboot your brain and your mind. Therefore, it's not always a bad thing when an employee ends up reading news or a blog post. But, the problem arises when things go out of hand!

The Internet surfing issue is a bit similar to social media, yet so different. Everyone acknowledges how one can just easily drown in Internet surfing. You're supposed to just check up something quickly. Then, you'll see that interesting link or a headline – then another. And, it just keeps going. In the end, before you know it, your employee has spent a few hours a day from working time on the net surfing. The aimless Internet surfing kills time, and wastes company resources. However, a top-notch Time Tracking app helps to activate again a sense of self-supervision and reduces the time spent on Internet surfing. Even, you can monitor your employee's activities and spot out if an employee is over spending time on tasks.

Time Tracker Apps Reduce Aimless Internet Surfing Time Tracker Apps Reduce Aimless Internet Surfing,  Taimer.com


3. Tracking Time Software When Employees Use Flexible Working Hours

Creativity is something you cannot force. Some positions require flexibility in their work schedule so that working is more productive, and projects get completed. Flexible working hours have been shown a positive effect on employee productivity. A time tracker can help in project time management by monitoring time spent on projects. This feature is extremely helpful especially when employees are working on flexible working hours. Similarly, you or an employee might sometimes work at home, have a business trip, or be working on holidays.

Time tracking also helps you and your team members to communicate and keep the team updated with all the project’s progress. Additionally, with a cloud-based time tracking software you'll get all the information where ever you are. With a well-crafted project management software with a time tracking feature, all team members are updated at all times. They can see who is in charge of different tasks, what has been done, how long it took, and estimate the completion time.



Therefore, a cloud-based time-tracking app supercharges the team, helps to monitor the situation, and improves employee productivity. The time tracker is even more helpful when you can't physically see your employee working on the tasks assigned to her.


4. Time Tracking Software Provides Analytics to Optimize Business Operations

Do you know who’s doing what in your company? Which projects are over budget? Which employee utilization rate is highest or lowest? This problem is easily solved by using a time tracker software. You can get a bird's eye view on the overall progress of projects, their status, and even invoices to come.


Heeros PSA platform EN


With a time-tracking platform, businesses can benefit from the tremendous analytics they can receive. Then, they can monitor on a project level or employee level exactly what is happening, and which tasks are overdue or overtime, or pending, to name a few. Then, this analytics can be utilized to optimize the company’s workflow, project expenses, and resource planning. Isn’t this what an employer needs? Without a top-time tracking app, these analytics and optimizations are very hard to achieve.


5. Time Tracking Improves Team’s Productivity & Trust

A team’s productivity usually increases when employees know they're being watched or there are some self-supervision mechanisms implemented in the company. The self-supervision can be achieved through social pressure or colleagues using time tracker software.

A time tracking software for business positively affects how employees perceive themselves in using their working hours. Then, the employees would know that at some point their productivity will be compared with others doing the same tasks. Thus, a sense of inner competition on productivity among the employees would be achieved. Even, the employees who stay behind the competition can be spotted and be given the help they need to reach the company’s goals. This behavior builds trust among the team members, which this team collaboration ultimately benefits the company. Who doesn’t want that in their company?


Time Tracking Improves Team’s Productivity & Trust -Taimer.com Time Tracking Improves Team’s Productivity & Trust,  Taimer.com


The Take Away:

The time tracking effects positively on the team's productivity builds trust and lessens the time wasted on social media or Internet surfing. Moreover, with time tracker software, you can get a birds-eye view of your overall business operation, with validated analytics to optimize business processes. Time Tracker aids the process of tracking exact work hours, invoice customers or projects easier, and even pay a salary based on actual hours. Also, it helps you maintain productive and efficient working habits in the team.

There are many different time-tracking apps for small businesses in the industry. You can choose the one that works for you. There's a cloud-based time tracking, project time management, and an employee time tracking app. You name it! However, you're the only one who can decide which time-tracking app suits your needs the best.

How do you handle working hours in your business? Try using Taimer time tracking software and find out the benefits the app can bring to you. Employee time tracking app most likely grows your business. Invest in one asap!


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