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Who is Taimer Business for?

Taimer Business version is ideal for large teams and growing businesses that seek a complete set of tools to drive growth, save on expenses, increase employee productivity and improve workflow transparency. Enjoy managing your business operations with ease; sales and time management, quick invoicing, to team collaboration -All from anywhere, anytime, any device.

Large Teams and Growing Businesses

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thumb_01_60_60Leena Lagerblom

Sales Support Manager


"I can absolutely recommend Taimer especially to companies that value the accessibility of up-to-date data, and a truly easy-to-use software. "


thumb_02_60_60Lauri Miettinen

Production Manager & Founder


"We highly appreciate the fact that Taimer always puts the customer first. The system is really versatile and flexible. Excellent! "


thumb_03_60_60Kalevi Riipinen

Business Owner


"Our number one goal was to save time and boost productivity in our business processes. Taimer has met these needs in one simple system."


Taimer Business Supercharges Your Business with Advanced Features

Core Systems Your Business Needs in One Unified Platform from Leads to Deals – Straight to Invoicing

CRM System & Sales Management

Keep all business profiles updated, shared, and accessible 24/7. Monitor and visualize sales processes vis sales pipelines.


Advance Invoicing & Billing

Integrated invoicing & billing with accounting software, banks, & payment tracking systems to manage all business financials.

Advance Time Tracker

Track team’s performance, employee hours & tasks. Invoice customers or pay salary based on logged hours.

Resource Planning

Advanced Resource Planning, integrated with time tracking to provide a full overview of your resources and their utilization.

Advance Project Management

Manage projects, activities, schedules, financials, resources, & many more. Assign, track, measure, optimize, grow.

Expense Management

Enter expenses & receipts, easier and faster with more options on the go – even by taking pictures from reciepts via mobile!


Team Collaboration & Calendar

Improve team’s productivity by dropping unnecessary communications and distractions, integrated with calendars.

Accounting Software, Bank & other Integrations

Integrated accounting software, banks, etc. to save time and boost financial managements – Your accountants will love us!

Advanced Invoicing, Billing & Expense Management

Taimer Business offers integrated invoicing, billing & expense management for large businesses. Taimer business helps you to get paid faster, monitor customer payments in real-time & say goodbye to painful manual invoicing! You can send professional invoices in just a few seconds with Taimer’s invoicing software templates, schedule invoices, or send recurring invoices with ease. Key features include invoice maker with options for setting up recurring invoices, billing, converting quotes to invoices, invoice hours, tasks or activities, projects, expense reimbursement, bulk invoice generator, Expense management, payment tracking, supporting both E-invoices & paper invoices, & many more.

Advanced Time Tracking, Team Management & Collaboration

Team management & collaboration together with time tracking activates businesses to reach their full potential. Taimer Business version enables advance team management and collaboration across all your teams without distracting employees by limiting unnecessary communications. Key features include advance time tracking (on employee or project level),  team-chat or messenger with attachments, automated project threads, group chat, and company-side newsfeed, and many more. Accessible from Web, iOS, and Android.

CRM System & Sales Management

Taimer Business offers advanced CRM system with sales management software for large teams and businesses. With Taimer CRM system,  keep B2B or B2C contacts and their position in the sales process accessible 24/7. Taimer CRM system visualizes all sales processes from leads to deals. The key features include powerful contact management with all customer’s data, visualized sales processes or sales pipeline, sales quote and sales invoice generator integrated with accounting software & banks.

Project Management Software

Taimer Business provides project management software for large businesses and teams. Taimer helps you to get a real-time visibility on entire project’s lifecycle with ease. Taimer is a cloud based project management software that handles project schedules, project activities, project financials, and project resources unified in one platform. Key features include time tracking functions, resource planning & utilization, real-time team collaborations, project tasks management, project budget and margin management, & project activity management.

Accounting Software, Bank & other Integrations

Taimer Business’s interactions are rapidly growing and integrating Taimer into your financial management system is made easy to save you time and boost your financial management – Your accountant will love us! Financial data can easily be imported/exported via Taimer’s vast integrations to e.g. follow up on the company’s receivables, track payments by customers, and many more. Taimer automatically marks invoices as paid when payments have been received in your bank account. Key features include sales and purchase invoice management, auto transferring sales and purchase invoices to accounting software, factoring, and many more.

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