Although customer relationship management is possible in many ways, a comprehensive and versatile CRM system makes customer management much easier. It assembles all the information needed for customer relationship management in one place, allowing the company to perform its business operations faster, more efficiently and more smoothly.

What we will cover:

    • CRM system as a sales tool
    • Project and time management as a part of CRM system
    • Integration of accounting software into a CRM software
    • Boosting community and communication
    • Taimer is a top class CRM system

Benefits of systematic customer relationship management are visible in business in several ways. When a business learns to better understand its customers with the processes and information systems, operations can be optimized to better match the customer’s needs.

In marketing, targeting is more accurate and customers can be segmented based on certain qualities with the right CRM system. Also, the cooperation between marketing and sales teams is more seamless. This leads to a higher hit rate in sales, and it’s easier to find upselling opportunities.


“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is SUCCESS.”

Henry Ford


It’s also important to take a good care of existing customers, as they’re the group that is most likely to bring money to the business. With a CRM system, the customer service can be developed, and customer satisfaction improved; which results in a lower attrition rate.

A good CRM system holds information about both potential and existing clients, closed sales, as well as data related to the company’s own functions. This way, the integrity of the company is firmly under control, and as the client’s status changes, the same information is transferred to the next stage(s).


Sales Pipeline - Taimer CRM

CRM system as a sales tool

For the sales personnel, a good CRM system is the best starting point for successful sales. Additionally, the sales pipeline is easier to manage, when all the information accumulates to the same system and is available anytime, anywhere. Thanks to a good CRM system, salespeople are always on track of which stage of the sales process each lead currently is, how many deals are still needed to reach the goal, and to which part of the sales process should they pay special attention to.

Managing the sales pipeline has been made extremely easy in Taimer. Thus, companies can tailor their own pipeline according to their specific needs and use Taimer CRM system in sales management processes. Taimer gathers all sales related matters into one place, which makes it easy to keep the sales pipeline coherent. Then, the customer is moved in the pipeline smoothly forward, as their status changes from prospect to lead until the deal is closed.


Project and time management as a part of CRM system

When the sale is confirmed, all the information that was collected about the client during the sales process, are still in the system and ready for the project execution stage. Therefore, everyone working on the project have easy access to the information and don’t need to spend valuable work time on searching or waiting for it.

In addition, project follow-through is efficient, when the follow-up, management, and invoicing is clear due to uniform CRM system. In Taimer, it is possible to follow a project in real time, and expenses and invoicing are always up to date. Taimer has been designed to make project management efficient and smooth. Likewise, invoicing can be done with only a few clicks inside Taimer, so it’s not necessary to jump to a different program.  

Time tracking is another thing that is natural to combine with the CRM system. Then, Information is always safe and there’s no need for work hour entry on paper. Hours are entered at the same time to both projects and work time. As a result, this not only saves time and effort, yet ensures that logged hours are more likely done correctly.

Ultimately, modern CRM system allows you to track hours also using your mobile phone or tablet, so employees can always record their hours in real-time. When time tracking is combined with a resource scheduling tool, it’s easy to monitor the utilization rate. Thus, data that are needed to pay the salaries can be easily forwarded without double work, too.  

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Integration of finance and reporting into a CRM software

A possibility to integrate CRM system with other software enables serving company’s needs as well as possible. Integration to accounting software decreases the amount of workload at the company’s shoulder, as well as at the entity responsible for bookkeeping, which makes processes faster.

Comprehensive CRM software includes a lot of the same information that is also needed in other departments such as the finance department. For example, work hour entries, travel expenses, and purchases from subcontractors can be needed in multiple departments. When financial management is integrated to the ERP, the company’s daily routines become noticeably more efficient. Therefore, all information, receipts, and invoices are easily available to transfer to finance. Finance department gets all the information they need on time, paper receipts and invoices become a thing of the past, and time is saved for other more important works.

Also, important data is not lost along the way, but the necessary records and entries are securely and reliably transferred to the finance department. That makes the process orderly and easy for both sides.

Evaluating success and profitability is an important part of business management. Taimer helps to achieve that because its reports and analytics visualize the situation of sales, projects and the entire company in a given timeframe. As new information is entered to the system, all reports are also automatically updated and are available anytime.

Boosting community and communication

CRM system might also include tools for internal communication, which improve the flow of information and teamwork. Taimer’s chat tool is designed to replace traditional communication channels such as emails, text messages, and WhatsApp chats.

Thanks to the communication tool, messaging about the company’s internal matters and project details is slick in the same system, where all the information is collected anyway. In a communication tool the information flows effortlessly and without delay between people, is compiled in one place and stays available for everyone involved throughout the project. This saves time and money and also makes working much more fun for everyone.

Taimer is a top class CRM system

Taimer combines CRM system with all features that are needed for a cost-efficient business management. There are other good systems on the market too, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, but Taimer beats these in terms of flexibility. The service can be tailored to fit every company size, and with different add-ons and integrations, Taimer adapts perfectly to each company’s demands and different industries.

While Taimer’s Sales CRM & Project Management versions are more tailored for small teams. The bigger teams and growing companies can also take advantage of Taimer ERP.  When the business grows or needs a change, it is easy to upgrade from one version of Taimer to another too.


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