Have you been looking for project management software with task manager capabilities? CRM software with all contacts in one place? Or an invoicing software with invoice templates? Well, look no further. The Taimer Sales CRM – all-in-one new Sales, CRM, and invoicing platform for small teams is the right answer to all your needs. Taimer Sales CRM can replace up to 8 business software into one single platform to activate business! The Taimer Sales CRM with unique capabilities is developed to facilitate business operations, especially in small businesses. The main capabilities of the Taimer platform include project management with activity and task manager features, CRM & sales management, invoicing (e-invoices & normal), time tracker, expense management, team collaboration, advanced reporting, and many more.


What are the key features for small businesses in the Taimer Sales CRM Version?

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to keep all contacts at user’s disposal
  • Easy invoicing software
  • Sales invoice interface for financial management programs and banks
  • Sales Funnel (or sales pipeline) and activity management
  • Costs and time management, which also serve as invoicing criteria
  • Dedicated team communication to stay focused on the projects
  • Advanced and customizable reporting
  • Web, iOS, and Android applications

Sales CRM Software Dashboard


For whom is Taimer Sales CRM?

The Taimer Sales CRM is targeted to small and medium-sized businesses & sales teams. Taimer Sales CRM is the right choice when you want to introduce your business into the digital era with the help of modern and user-friendly tools. You can work anywhere and on all devices. You will have access to a simple invoicing platform that integrates with your bank and financial management software, and you will also be able to eliminate paper invoices and receipts. Generally speaking, you will be able to manage your business and your team from anywhere, anytime, and any device.


The Sales version has taken into account the fact that micro and small businesses need to be careful about how their resources are being used. They do not have the possibility to commit as much time and money to and learn using ERP systems, as bigger companies do. Therefore, Taimer Sales CRM is designed to be very straightforward and user-friendly while keeping the costs as low as possible.

The pricing of the Taimer Sales CRM version is very cost-effective. The price of the Sales CRM version is totally unique in the market considering its vast functionalities and features. Consequently, the monthly cost for a small team will still be less than a hundred euros, and the return on investment (ROI) of the Taimer platform is huge.


The Sales Management, CRM & Invoicing Software Every Small Team Needs

Taimer Sales CRM brings together CRM and sales management interfaces, with invoicing, project communication, task manager, work time monitoring, expense management, and reporting and analytics into one single platform. In addition, the financial systems and banking integrations such as factoring and automatic payment tracking are complementary in the Taimer Sales CRM.

The mobile usability is one of the most important features of the Sales CRM version to make the Taimer accessible from any device from anywhere. For instance, handling receipts and bills are really easy as entering them into the #Taimer can be managed from anywhere on the road using a mobile device.

The sales management feature of the Taimer Sales CRM is also very comprehensive. Selling activities can be visualized easily through the sales funnels of sales pipelines from leads to closing deals, and from quotes to invoicing.


Taimer Sales CRM: Easy invoicing (e-invoicing, invoice tracking, & more)

With Taimer Sales CRM, invoicing customers is easy. Project costs, addresses, job or task-specific rates, prices, etc. are automated in the invoice management system. The invoice generator gathers automatically all necessary information adds them to the invoice without additional intermediate steps. For example, once the hourly charges are registered for the right project, the invoice will be automatically updated and ready to send.

The invoices can be printed, saved as pdf, or be sent as e-invoices – meaning you have full control on how to send your invoices. You can leave old-fashioned paper invoices behind and utilize Taimer’s green invoicing.

Sales invoices are easily created in the Sales CRM version and invoicing information is kept up-to-date with attachments visible in the system. Once the invoice is created in Taimer, it can also be submitted directly from the program or through the financial management systems of user’s choice.


Start your Sales CRM for free!

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