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Who is Taimer Enterprise for?

Taimer Enterprise version is ideal for enterprises with multiple companies and teams, that want to manage all companies under one set of tools to drive growth, save on expenditures, increase employee productivity and workflow transparency. Enjoy managing multiple companies and teams operations with one supercharged business management platform. 

Manage Multiple Companies & Teams

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thumb_01_60_60Leena Lagerblom

Sales Support Manager


"I can absolutely recommend Taimer especially to companies that value the accessibility of up-to-date data, and a truly easy-to-use software. "


thumb_02_60_60Lauri Miettinen

Production Manager & Founder


"We highly appreciate the fact that Taimer always puts the customer first. The system is really versatile and flexible. Excellent! "


thumb_03_60_60Kalevi Riipinen

Business Owner


"Our number one goal was to save time and boost productivity in our business processes. Taimer has met these needs in one simple system."


Taimer Enterprise Supercharges All You Businesses

All Features to Manage Multiple Companies in One Unified Platform

Manage Multiple Companies

Manage multiple companies and all their teams within one unified platform. Enjoy the ease of smart management.

CRM System & Sales Management

Keep all business profiles updated, shared, and accessible 24/7. Monitor and visualize sales processes via sales pipelines.

Advanced Invoicing & Billing

Integrated and automated invoicing and billing with financial management systems, banks, & payment tracking.

Resource Planning + Time Tracker

Advanced resource planning, integrated with time tracking to provide a full overview of your resources and their utilization.

Advanced Project Management

Manage multiple companies’ projects, activities, schedules, financials, resources, & many more. Assign. Measure. Manage.

Expense Management

Enter expenses & receipts easily and target them to projects, customers, or companies.  Even by taking pictures via phone!

Team Collaboration & Calendar

Improve team’s productivity by removing distractions and doing more with your resources – integrated with calendars.

Financial Management Systems, Bank & other Integrations

Integrated financial management system, banks, etc. to save time and boost financial managements – accountants love us!

Advanced Invoicing, Billing & Expense Management

Taimer Enterprise version helps to get a full control on accounting process from integrated invoicing software with banks, billing & expense management, to payment tracking. #TaimerEnterprise automates the whole workflow and accelerates the process to receive payments faster in your bank accounts, track customers’ payments in real-time and enjoy the ease of smart managing. Key features include invoicing software with options for setting up scheduled or recurring invoices, invoicing hours, tasks or activities, projects, expense management & billing, reimbursement, bulk invoice generator, supporting both E-invoices & paper invoices, & more.

Time Tracking, Team Management & Collaboration

Taimer’s team management & collaboration software together with time tracking activates enterprises to reach their full potential. Taimer Enterprise version removes distracting communications and lets employees focus on their tasks which improves productivity up to 50%. Every minute counts in business, and every 1% improvement in employee productivity means thousands of euros per employee annually. Key features include advanced time tracking (on employee, task, or project level), team-chat or messenger with attachments, automated project threads, company-wide newsfeed, & more.

CRM System & Sales Management

With Taimer Enterprise CRM system integrated with sales management and sales pipeline your entire enterprise benefits from a unified end-to-end system. You can easily monitor all teams and projects’ performances, in which stages and statuses they are on an employee, team, project, or company level. Entire sales processes are visualized, enabled with drag-and-drop, and customizable based on your needs from leads to deals. Key features include powerful contact management with all customer’s data, visualized sales processes or sales pipeline, sales quote and sales invoice generator integrated with accounting software & banks.

End-to-End Project Management Software + Resource Planning

Taimer Enterprise offers end-to-end project management software integrated with powerful resource planning and time tracker. Streamline your project management and get real-time visibility on entire project’s lifecycle on project, team, or company-specific level with Taimer. Key features include visualized project schedules, project financials (project budget and margin management), project activity management, project resource management, time tracking on different levels, resource planning and utilization, team collaboration & unlimited attachments, task management, & many more.

Accounting Software, Bank & other Integrations

Taimer Enterprise has a powerful and rapidly growing integration portfolio with most well-known 3rd party systems such as Google Apps, accounting software, banks, payment tracking systems, etc. that as add-ons can be integrated with Taimer to save you time, money, and effort. Taimer’s on-boarding and integration specialist can provide assisted migration as well. For instance, Taimer can automatically mark invoices as paid when payments have been received in your bank account and reduce many other handworks – Accountants love us! Key features include sales and purchase invoice management, payment tracking, auto transferring sales & purchase invoices to accounting software, factoring, and more.

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