Taimer provides all the necessary tools for efficient business management. Taimer can replace an average of eight separate apps. You can choose the features that suit your business needs and hide the rest. When your business grows, Taimer grows with it and you can scale it up as you go along.

Integrate third-party apps to Taimer to further optimize your company processes. You can use all the tools Taimer has to offer – choose the ones that best suit your needs!

The Free Project Management, CRM & Invoicing
Platform Every Team Needs

Project Management Software

With Taimer project management software module, you get real-time visibility into your entire project lifecycle. A cloud based project management software that handles project schedules, project financials, and project resources all from one place.


Project Management Software Features:
  • Project tasks manager and activity manager
  • Time tracking functions
  • Resource planning and utilization
  • Real-time team collaborations
  • Easy invoicing and expense management
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CRM and Sales Management Software

Taimer CRM keeps all your customer profiles accessible to the team. Taimer CRM visualizes all sales processes from leads to deals. Taimer’s super easy CRM gives instant access to all your B2B or B2C contacts, and their position in the sales process.


Top CRM and Sales Management Features:
  • Powerful contacts, mailing lists, and customer management
  • Visualized deals and sales management software
  • Instant sales quote and sales invoice generator
  • Sales, accounting software, & banks integrations
  • Real time reports and analytics
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Easy Invoicing Software

Use Taimer invoicing software module to get paid faster & say goodbye to manual invoicing! Professional invoices can be generated in just seconds using Taimer’s free invoice templates. You can invoice logged hours or any other project expenses in just a few clicks.


Top Taimer Invoicing Features:
  • Invoice maker with options for setting up recurring invoices
  • Invoice based on logged hours, tasks, projects, and expenses
  • Generate bulk invoices and get real-time invoicing forecast
  • Supports E-invoices, paper invoices, and reimbursement
  • Integrated invoicing with accounting software and banks
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Time Tracking Software

Single tap Time Tracking Software module to monitor projects’ tasks and activities. The time tracking is designed with professionals to help project managers and teams to improve their productivity. The admins can maintain a complete visibility of their project timeline on the tasks and employee levels. The hours logged by Taimer time tracking can be easily converted into invoices.


Top Time Tracking Features:
  • Easy time tracking on employee level
  • Resource planning from anywhere at anytime
  • Track hours associated with assigned tasks
  • Convert logged hours to invoices with few clicks
  • Real time analytics on tasks, employees, and projects
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Team Collaboration Software

Taimer Team Collaboration module reduces unnecessary communications that distract employees from focusing on core activities. Replace unnecessary emails, phone calls, and text messages. The collaboration can be public to all team members, limited to specific team members, or projects.


Team Collaboration Software Features:
  • Automated project thread collaboration
  • Group chats to keep all members updated
  • Company-wide Newsfeed
  • Attachments & file sharing
  • Instant Team Collaboration on iOS, Android, or Desktops
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Mobile Applications and tablets

Boost your team’s collaboration and communication. Chat with project teams, track hours, create expenses on the go, and add new contacts, customers and projects on your smartphone. Real-time smart work, anywhere and anytime.



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