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Taimer Features Overview

Taimer is an all-in-one business management solution. All features in Taimer are integrated seamlessly and can be easily accessed from a centralized software.

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Deliver projects on time and budget

checkmark - Create projects and sub-projects and monitor their progress from start to finish.

checkmark - Assign tasks, add due dates, priority levels, attachments, notes, and deliver results faster.

checkmark - Manage project finances and follow up on budgeted vs. actual costs in real-time.

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Monitor time and resources

checkmark - Schedule resources and follow up on progress using visual resource Gantt and Grid views.

checkmark - Get a quick overview of deadlines, workload, resource utilization, and available capacity.

checkmark - Track hours with a built-in time tracker and get insights on billable and non-billable hours, actual costs for tracked hours, attendance and more.

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Get things done faster

checkmark - Streamline workflow and collaborate on tasks and projects in real-time using Kanban Boards & Cards.

checkmark - Use Project Messenger to communicate with your team and clients.

checkmark - Share unlimited files and access all documents easily from anywhere, on any device.

checkmark - Taimer creates automated project threads that enable seamless collaboration across all stakeholders of the given project.

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Manage contacts and accounts

checkmark - Access client details including contact information, shared files, account history, etc. from one place, on any device.

checkmark - Customize the CRM to your needs. Create custom fields and manage lists seamlessly.

checkmark - Get real-time data on customer KPI's, measure progress and monitor project risks & dependencies.

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Close deals faster

checkmark - Create customizable pipelines, add leads and monitor their progress across the different stages of the pipeline.

checkmark - Schedule sales activities and follow up on upcoming events. Get automatic notifications and reminders.

checkmark - Get a 360° visual overview of the entire sales process. Advanced insights on your sales, invoices, hours, etc. to boost your sales productivity.

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Manage sales quotes digitally

checkmark - Create and send professional-looking quotes . Our advanced CPQ system generates accurate and highly configured quotes.

checkmark - Know when a client interacts, approves or comments on your offers. Get a faster sign-off by integrating with DocuSign.

checkmark - Monitor current stock levels and manage all product information from one place.

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Manage invoices and bills

checkmark - Create and send invoices easily. You can invoice - services, hours, products, bills, expenses, recurring & scheduled invoices.

checkmark - Simplify invoicing with automatic invoice generation, e-invoicing, and accounting software integrations.

checkmark - Get valuable invoicing insights and estimates for the past and upcoming months.

checkmark - Easily manage all your bills, split and target to projects and have a real-time view of project costs.

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Claim expenses effortlessly

checkmark - Easily track all your expenses in one place. Manage expenses, approvals, travel expenses, GPS trip log, and mileage tracking.

checkmark - No more hassles with receipts. Simply take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the Taimer app for faster reimbursements.

checkmark - Reconcile expenses on corporate cards by connecting Taimer to your accounting software.

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Make data-driven decisions

checkmark - Get in-depth insights on sales activities that led to the successful closure of a business deal.

checkmark - Identify which customers and projects are profitable. Get a detailed overview of the revenue generated and costs incurred.

checkmark - Deliver projects on time & budget by identifying trends & opportunities for process improvement.

checkmark - Download actionable and visual data on sales, projects, employee work hours and team productivity.

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Connect Taimer to your favourite apps

checkmark - Connect Taimer to multiple integrations to boost sales, simplify complex business processes and improve operational efficiency.

checkmark - Integrate Taimer with your favourite productivity apps, sales automation tools, and accounting software.

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Empower Your Mobile Workforce

Taimer's cloud-based solutions can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. Find and edit information on Web or native Android and iOS apps.


“I can absolutely recommend Taimer to any business that is considering it – especially companies that value the accessibility of up-to-date data, and of a truly easy-to-use software.”

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