Taimer is an all-in-one business management solution. All features in Taimer are integrated and can be easily accessed from a centralized software. Scroll down to learn more about Taimer's features or schedule a free demo!



Every industry is different. Taimer can be completely tailored and adapted to suit your business needs.

Collaborate with Taimer



Lead and contact-management
Track every potential lead as it progresses through the sales pipeline. From the first contact to purchase, and beyond, Taimer helps you record all customer data.

customize CRM-taimer.com

Customize CRM your way
Tailor the look of your CRM to suit your needs. Manage lists and fields and only view what you need or what each user is allowed to see.

Track key customer metrics
Track all operational metrics that matter most to your accounts. Get real-time data on customer KPI's, measure progress and risk management.

Budget & Forecast
Move beyond spreadsheets and streamline your budgeting and forecasting process. Get insights to make smarter and more informed business decisions.


Seamless collaboration for all teams
Taimer's messenger & chat keeps all team members always on top of things. Activate O365 & GSuite to maximize connectivity and collaboration.


Empower your mobile workforce
Provide field teams with data across any device. Easily find and edit the information you need using a native Android and iOS client on smartphones and tablets.

Sales Pipeline

Give your sales team ultimate tools to manage leads, offers and closed deals in one unified platform.

Sales Pipeline Dashboard in CRM Software




Add new leads
Record and make use of all customer data and activities from first contact. Integrate sales automation tools to boost your business.


Create quotes and templates
No more spreadsheets, using Taimer you can easily manage all quotes digitally. Use templates to quickly get started and add a cover letter before sending.

Customize Pipeline to your needs
Modify the sales pipeline and Kanban view to best suit your business. Follow the right actions that lead to better sales.

Order book, cost targets, & sales lifecycle visibility
Get an overview of your whole order book and estimates for target costs. Visualize the sales cycle & know who is performing and which accounts need work.

Never miss an activity or reminder
Manage sales activities and to-do's in one place. Get all reminders and notifications anywhere and anytime. Never miss a deadline again.

close deals-taimer.com

Manage closed deals with ease
Taimer gives you powerful tools to manage all closed deals. Quickly respond to changes, manage all project related costs and always invoice on time.

Project Management

Manage multiple projects with ease. Project management is easier when it is visualized.

ProjectManagement for architects and engineers


Leads to deals- taimer.com

Manage leads to deals all-in-one platform
Get real-time visibility into entire project lifecycle. Create new opportunities on the go on your smartphone, tablets and all other devices.


Visualize tasks and plan ahead
Simple and quick way to get tasks done and reach your goals. See the bigger picture, analyze and make plans based on real-time information.

Track hours - taimer.com

Track hours on all devices
Cloud-based time tracking with mobile accessibility. The automatic built-in time tracker in Taimer let you track time in just a few clicks. 

File sharing- taimer.com

Share files and documents
Taimer offers great online storage and file sharing. Add, share and comment on files throughout the software. Connect GoogleDrive for unlimited storage.


Communicate with your team
Improve your internal communication with Taimer’s messenger and group chat. Collaboration within the whole organization benefits everyone.


Manage all project financials
With Taimer you will have full control and insight to all project-related costs, invoices and profits. You can even follow up on employee costs on individual projects.


Hourly rates & purchase orders
Create customised hourly rates for your customers, to automate your invoicing and reporting. Submit purchase requests with purchase orders to control and manage budgets.


building invoice-taimer.com

Project invoicing & billing
Create and send professional and beautiful invoices in just seconds. Automate your invoicing process and get paid faster. Accept and approve bills and target to projects.

Time Tracker

Track time your way and get complete visibility on task status and time spent.


Time tracker- taimer.com

Track time without wasting a second
Track time with start & stop timer, draw on a smartphone or from a calendar entry. Taimer lets you track time in just a few clicks. 

tracker & resource-taimer.com

Integrated time tracker & resource scheduling
Taimer combines two workflow critical features into one powerful tool. Budget hours to tasks and track hours to measure productivity and utilization.


Keep track of your team's time
Tracking hours for salaried and hourly employees help you boost efficiency, cut down on overtime and keeps everybody on the same page.


Analyse projects and billable hours
Advanced and quick project reports to instantly get total insight on tracked, budgeted, invoiced and billable hours. 

invoice hours-taimer.com

Invoicing hours is simple
Invoicing project hours with Taimer is mostly automated. Taimer detects which project needs to be invoiced and with one-click, you generate an invoice. 


Add mileage & expenses while you track hours
Field work couldn't be easier! Add expense, mileage & daily allowance when you track hours. Reimburse staff and customers in just a few clicks.

Team & Customer Collaboration

Never worry about forgetting tasks again. Get your team's activities organized and visualize workflow in one place with Taimer Boards.

Collaborate with Taimer


project time-taimer.com

Create boards & cards to manage tasks
Plan and manage all your tasks and to-dos in one place. Manage sales activities, reminders and get notifications in real-time.

customize CRM-taimer.com

View entire workflow at a glance
View all your assigned tasks & get a high-level overview of pending, due & overdue tasks. 

on the go

Manage task approvals
Send files to your customer & ask for task approvals directly in Taimer. 


Access & share files
Create & share files and documents with your team and customers. Access all shared documents from the files repository. 

Internal Communication

Increase productivity by reducing unnecessary emails, phone calls and text messages.

Team Collaboration with Tainmer



Supercharge your Team communication
Taimer combines team collaboration into project management with automated project threads, group chats and newsfeed.


Enjoy a real-time workspace
Discuss, share files and collaborate wherever you are and on all devices. Organise your work in one place and eliminate communication and information silos.

Reduce emails, sms and phone calls
Teammates become much more productive and get work done when communication between projects is centralized to one platform.

Get things done faster
Taimer helps you and your team deliver projects on time. Coordinate and communicate seamlessly with Taimer Teamchat.


Invoicing made simple, save hours on invoicing and focus on what you love doing.

Invoice creation video taimer.com



Professional invoices in seconds
Get paid faster & say goodbye to manual invoicing! Create online invoices, in just a few clicks. Invoice hours, products, bills, quotes and expenses.

upcomin invoices-taimer.com

Invoice forecasting & cash flow
Always know when and what to invoice. Get a real-time view for the coming months invoicing estimates that helps you analyze your cash flow.

Put your invoicing on auto-pilot
From automatic invoice generation, e-invoicing to sending reminders and debt collecting, Taimer offers a wide range of financial services seamlessly integrated.

A few more powerful features
Connect to your accounting software, customize payment terms per account, create recurring invoices, enjoy complete financial insight by project and more.


From digital receipts to GPS tracking, automate every step of the expense creation & reporting process.

Expenses in Taimer


no more receipt-taimer.com

No more hassle with receipts
Eliminate manual expense tracking with Taimer. No more hassle with receipts. Just snap a picture of your receipt with your smartphone.

Mileage & GPS tracker
Easy to use and accurate mileage tracker. Record trip on your smartphone and when you are ready, just save and your expense is created.

E-receipts automatically captured
Activate e-receipts and you can start receiving digital receipts from various merchants. Read more about e-receipts in our integrations.

Approval and Reimbursement
Approve or reject expense reports with a click of a button. Quickly reimburse staff and invoice expenses from customers with just a few clicks.

Resource Scheduling

Easiest way to schedule people and collaborate across projects.




Assign tasks with budgeted hours
Easy & fast scheduling of your precious assets! Add, edit and book tasks in seconds. Tasks can be months, weeks or just a few minutes. 


Match available resources to tasks
Easily follow up on your team's utilization. Forecasting capacity vs. demand ratio allows managers to anticipate bottlenecks or low activity.

Track hours to tasks
Taimer combines time tracker and tasks into one unified tool. See everybody's bookings, hours tracked and remaining hours in one glance.

Leave management made easy
Everyone needs time off. Manage all vacations and future workload conveniently and seamlessly. 


Get a real-time overview of all your bills and where your business is spending money.

Bills feature


Receive and manage bills in one place
Easily manage all your bills, split and target to projects and have a real-time view of project costs. With everything stored online you can access your bill anytime.

Cash flow-taimer.com

Take control of your cashflow
Enter bills from vendors manually or receive as e-invoices straight into Taimer. See which bills are due and manage payments effortlessly.


Purchase orders to maintain full control
Prepare digital purchase orders quickly and email them directly to your suppliers from anywhere. Taimer lets you manage your orders on the go.

payment bill-taimer.com

Approval process and payment of bills
Circulate bills digitally between managers and connect to your accounting software to transfer bills for payment.


B2B product inventory & sales. Create orders and follow up on inventory from one place.

Products lists



Inventory & products control
Easily import and start offering and selling products. Manage all your products, balance and product information in one place.


B2B wholesale
Sell more and faster with Taimer quotes, create and email sales quotes, generate sales orders and follow up on product sales

purchase ordering-taimer.com

Purchase orders and covering notes
Create, edit and send purchase orders to suppliers. Send covering notes to production including products on quote.

analysis inventory-taimer.com

Inventory analysis
See current stock levels, the amount of stock committed to sales orders and quotes, and the stock that’s available.

Dashboard & Reports

Keep track of all your business numbers and make better decisions with online real-time reports.



Get reports when you need them
Always keep your team and management updated and get complete insights on how your business is performing, wherever you are, accessible on all devices.


Measure performance of your sales teams
Drill down into the figures and measure your indivdual and team specific KPI’s. Get instant access to the big picture.


Monitor utilization & capacity
See how your employees spend time and get real-time analytics on logged hours, billable time and utilisation and workload capacity.


Download invoicing and billing reports
Get insights into your income and expenses. Taimer gives you instant dashboards and reports to help take the stress away from hours of manual reporting.

Business Insights

Get actionable insights on important business metrics such as business profitability & sales and project related activities.


Profit & Loss
The Profit & Loss Insights dashboard summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specified period, for a given account and project.


Sales Activities 
The Activities Insights dashboard gives you a quick overview of all the activities associated with specific teams, team members and accounts. 

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