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Business Intelligence Reporting Tool

This is not just any analytics dashboard. Find out how to power your business with Taimer's Business Intelligence reporting tool.


What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence or BI tools collect business information, analyze data, and provide actionable business insights to help you scale your business.

Increases revenue - BI -
Increases revenue

Predictive analytics empowers business owners to better manage finances and make smarter business decisions.

Cut Costs - BI -
Reduces costs

Identifying non-profitable customers, data on resource utilization, understanding costs and expenses can help businesses reduces costs.

minimize risk - BI -
Minimizes risks

Real-time data enables faster decision making and minimizes risks by quicker identification of problems and their underlying causes.

Why switch to Taimer’s BI for your business?

Taimer connects all your data sources in a unified solution and creates intelligent, visual and actionable insights to help you make smarter business decisions.


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See how to transform your business with Taimer’s BI tool

Make your business data-driven and uncover in-depth insights to learn more about your customers, finances, sales, and business.

Activities Insights

Keep a tab on all business activities, and get insights on activities that led to the successful closure of a deal. 

Profit & Loss Insights

Get a detailed overview of the revenue generated and costs incurred. Effectively estimate cash flow for the upcoming months.

Sales Insights

Leverage the insights provided by the BI tool to make accurate sales forecasts, get cost estimates and to increase profit margins.

Invoicing Insights

Taimer's BI tool analyzes your invoicing data and transforms it into valuable insights that can help you simplify invoice management.

“I can absolutely recommend Taimer for any business that is considering it – especially companies that value the accessibility of up-to-date data, and of a truly easy-to-use software.”

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Identify customer profitability with real-time insights

Which customers are profitable and which cost more money? Get real-time stats on profits made or loss incurred per account, project & customer.


Identify opportunities to deliver projects faster

Get cost estimates and project utilization data. Deliver projects on time & budget by identifying trends & opportunities for process improvement.


Simplify data with visual & intuitive dashboards

Filter and segment data to find out the root cause of any issue. Analyze what the data means using visual and easy-to-understand reports.


Increase sales by connecting to multiple integrations

Connect Taimer to multiple other integrations to boost sales, simplify complex business processes and improve operational efficiency.

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