Keep all your calendars in one place. Connect Google Calendar and O365.


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Taimer dashboard on Laptop and iPhone

All your calendars at your fingertips

Streamlined to make your team more efficient.

Quick event creation

Add and manage events and activities on all devices wherever you are.Quickly switch between different views.

2-way sync with GCal & O365

Manage all calendars in Taimer, connect and enjoy 2-way-sync off events, with your favourite apps like Google Calendar & O365.

Track hours from calendar entry

You can easily track hours to projects by clicking on a calendar entry. This gives you the possibility to manage your workflow straight from your calendar.

Tasks & activities in calendar

The calendar is integrated with the activities and resource scheduling functions. Get a 365 visibility of all your actions, appointments and reminders.

Easy and fast to view appointments

Taimer provides different calendar views that are easy to switch between so you can visualize your events in the way that is most helpful to you.


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Mobile Working

Boost your team’s productivity and collaboration. Manage your CRM on the go, track hours, create expenses, GPS tracker, get insight into how your business is progressing and more. Real-time smart work, anywhere and anytime on smart phones and tablets.


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Connect with your favorites apps

Taimer integrates seamlessly with +50 different apps.

Explore more features

Reporting & Analytics

Always keep your team and management in real-time on how your business is performing.


Sales Pipeline

Manage leads, offers, and closed deals. Modify the sales pipeline to best suit your business.



Comprehensive invoicing tool. Invoice hours, products, bills, quotes, and expenses.


Time Tracker

Track time with start/stop timer, draw, on a smartphone or from a calendar entry.



Centralize all communication to one platform. Discuss and share files on all devices.


Project Management

Manage multiple projects with ease. Project management is easier when it is visualized.


Resource Scheduling

 See everybody's bookings, hours tracked and remaining hours in one glance.



From digital receipts to GPS tracking, automate every step of the expense creation.

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