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Visualize workflow, prioritize tasks, share files & collaborate with team & customers in real-time.

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Workflow Management & End-to-End Collaboration

Improve the speed and efficiency of your work with Taimer boards and cards. It's organized, efficient and minimizes multi-tasking. Manage your workflow, team updates on tasks and customer collaboration from one place. 

The simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate and prioritize tasks. You can even share files and create automated project threads on a given project. 

Send unlimited invitations to external users. Track progress and stay on top of your projects.


Maximize Efficiency

Prioritize tasks based on resources and time available. Drag and drop them to different stages based on priority. 

Increase Productivity

Share files, documents, updates and collaborate in real-time to save time and to increase productivity. 

Create transparency

Spend less time sharing updates by viewing the progress in real-time. Visually see the work in progress and identify challenges or hurdles. 

Streamline Workflows

Breakdown projects into phases & tasks, categorize them as tickets, issues, requests etc & assign a status.

Collaborate in real-time

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Collaborate On The Go!

Boost productivity and collaboration with your team and end customers from anywhere, anytime on any device.

Invite an unlimited amount of external users to collaborate on projects. Share files, chat in real-time, get notifications, manage task approvals and do more using the Taimer Boards app.

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Create Custom Kanban Lists

Taimer automatically creates a board for each project.You will have instant access to each project board.

You can create multiple custom lists and drag and drop cards across lists to change the status of the card. 

Clicking on the chat icon on a card creates automated project threads from where you can collaborate in real-time on a given task. 

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Visualize Project Progress

Sharing files and managing approvals has never been easier. Create & share files and documents with your team and customers.

All files can be accessed from the files tab which acts as a repository for all documents shared. No more hassles with looking for files in emails. 

You can even send files directly to your customer for approvals & get notified every time there is an update. 

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