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Intelligence, visibility, analytics, and efficiency across every aspect of business.


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Accelerate business performance and change the future

Tie it all together. Taimer ERP is everything you need to develop and grow your business.


Higher productivity and profitability

Streamline and automate your core business processes to help everyone in your organization do their work more efficiently. Simplify work, lower costs.

Better insights on all data

Gain a single platform for data, eliminate information silos, and get reports and analytics faster to make better business related decisions.

Predict and prevent risk

Advanced risk management. Maximize business visibility and control. Reduce risk through improved data integrity and financial management.

Automate invoicing

Automatic invoice generation, e-invoicing to sending reminders and debt collecting. Wide range of financial services seamlessly integrated.

Real-time Information

All information is available in real-time. Resourcing, financials, reports & analytics, time tracking, activities.Cloud-based, mobile-enabled and social business intelligence whenever and wherever.

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Track key customer metrics

Track all operational metrics that matter most to your accounts. Get real-time data on customer KPIs, measure progress and risk management.

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Mobile Working

Boost your business productivity and team collaboration. Manage your ERP on the go, track hours, create expenses, get insight into how your business is progressing and more. Real-time smart work, anywhere and anytime on smart phones and tablets.


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Explore more features

Sales Pipeline

Ultimate tools to manage leads, offers & closed deals in one platform.

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Project Management

Manage all projects with ease and keep everybody on track.

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Save hours on invoicing and focus on what you love doing.


Time Tracker

Maintain complete visibility of your company time expenditure.



Automate every step of the expense creation.


Task Manager

Get your teams activities organized and visualised.


Resource Scheduling

Easiest way to schedule people and collaborate across projects.


Reporting & Analytics

Make better decisions with online real-time reports

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