Financial Management and Reporting

Simple and instant invoicing and billing to improve your cash flow. With Taimer, everything gets billed on time, and invoices can be sent in minutes. Taimer’s comprehensive reporting helps you understand and track your team’s hours and sales performance, while giving you full insight into your project invoicing.

Invoice software that puts you on autopilot

Amazingly simple invoicing and billing! Take your projects to the next level and get a real-time view on how your teams and projects are performing. Bill hours, expenses, scheduled billing, and quotes in just a few clicks.  Get rid of manual tasks, keep your numbers accurate, save time by automating routine tasks, and get reminders and notifications.

  • Keep track of invoicing with real-time reporting
  • Project-specific analytics and reporting
  • Create professional invoices in seconds
  • Bill exactly what you want: hours, purchases, expenses, services and products
  • E-invoicing and normal paper invoices
  • Project-based invoice forecasting
  • Purchase orders and purchase invoice management
  • Comprehensive Billing Reporting
  • Tracked and billable hours reporting and analytics
  • Accounting software integrations

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Keep track of invoicing with real-time reporting

Taimer makes it easy to see exactly how your business and teams are performing. Clear and visual reports will help you succeed.

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Project-specific analytics and reporting

Taimer allows you to receive, process, and approve purchase invoices in real-time. Targeting purchase invoices to projects gives your team a real-time view of key figures.

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Accounts Receivable

Taimer helps you to have all your information regarding billing easily accessible and in one place. Invoicing is effortless and you can choose between many billing options. Bill hours, costs, expenses, and products.

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Accounts Payable and Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders for projects. Received purchase invoices can be linked to purchase orders and projects. Know what to pay for your ordered services and match with received invoices.

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Create professional invoices in seconds

Save time and money by automating your invoicing. Invoice hours, costs, and expenses. Taimer’s easy-to-use invoicing allows for invoicing with multiple options.

Project-based invoice forecasting

Get a real-time view of your future billing for the coming months. Super easy project-based billing forecasting not only helps send invoices on time; it also gives you true insight into the state of your cash flow in the coming months.

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E-invoicing and normal paper invoices

Get billing done easily and effortlessly. Send e-invoices, or invoice by post or as a printable PDF via email. Invoice with recurring billing or create invoices based on billable hours, products, or contract rates.

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Comprehensive Billing Reporting

Easily follow-up on customer-, project-, and user-specific profitability. Our invoice reports enable you to monitor project performance on every level.

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Accounting software integrations

Activate Taimer in your accounting software. Transfer invoices with the click of a button. Read more about our local and global integrations.

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Bank Integrations

No more time spent following up on payments. Our bank account integration automates the process. Taimer notifies you when payments have been received. Read more > about possible local and global integrations.

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Debt Collection Service Integrations

Taimer can be integrated with a debt collection service. Your debt collection service can be used to enhance accounts receivable management.

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CRM and Sales Management

An easy and efficient way to manage customers, projects, and your sales pipeline. Effortlessly manage everything from leads and quotes to closed deals, activities and invoicing – with an all-in-one app.

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Project and Time Management

Supercharge your projects and teams. Taimer has been created to streamline your teamwork and make it more efficient. Manage all your projects, resources, and teams in one place; on desktop, tablets and smartphones.

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Collaboration and Communication

Reduce unnecessary emails, phone calls and text messages. Taimer’s own Messenger enables communication and collaboration within and across your whole organization – automated project Messenger, group chats and your company’s private newsfeed.

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Mobile Applications and tablets

Boost your team’s collaboration and communication. Chat with project teams, track hours, create expenses on the go, and add new contacts, customers and projects on your smartphone. Real-time smart work, anywhere and anytime.



All features for one price, try now..