Project and Time Management

Supercharge your projects and teams. Taimer has been created to streamline your teamwork and make it more efficient. Manage all your projects, resources, and teams in one place; on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Comprehensive project management in real-time

Taimer is the easiest way for your team to manage projects, workflow, goals, and tasks.

  • Sales pipeline and analytics
  • Order book and quotes management
  • Resource planning
  • Time tracking
  • Tasks and activities
  • Expenses on the go
  • Project Messenger and group chat
  • Project reporting and analytics
  • Mobile accessibility on iOS, Android and tablets
  • Invoicing and billing

Start now and replace up to 8 other systems...

Create and send quotes

Creation and management of quotes made easy. Create new project quotes from pre-made templates in just a few clicks. Super easy to get started; copy a template to a new project, edit, print, and send to your customer.

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Order Book Management

Taimer provides a complete tool for your order book management. Manage your sales pipeline in Taimer and after you have closed your deals you can manage all projects, invoicing, and billing with Taimer.

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Project Messenger and chat

Taimer takes team collaboration to a whole new level. Taimer’s own Teamchat will boost your internal communication and collaboration and keeps your team up to date, wherever they are. Taimer’s Messenger adds a sense of community, improves collaboration within your teams, and streamlines internal communication.

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Time Tracking

Time tracking made easy! Maintain complete visibility of your company expenditure. Speed up and increase the accuracy of timekeeping processes, and decrease the amount of time it takes to complete your billing.

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Expenses on the go

No more hassle with receipts. Take your expense management to the next level!

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CRM and Sales Management

An easy and efficient way to manage customers, projects, and your sales pipeline. Effortlessly manage everything from leads and quotes to closed deals, activities and invoicing – with an all-in-one app.

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Financial Management and Reporting

Automate your invoicing with Taimer. Send invoices in minutes. Taimer’s comprehensive reporting helps you understand and track your team’s hours and sales performance, while giving you full insight into your project invoicing.

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Collaboration and Communication

Reduce unnecessary emails, phone calls and text messages. Taimer’s own Messenger enables communication and collaboration within and across your whole organization – automated project Messenger, group chats and your company’s private newsfeed.

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Mobile Applications and tablets

Boost your team’s collaboration and communication. Chat with project teams, track hours, create expenses on the go, and add new contacts, customers and projects on your smartphone. Real-time smart work, anywhere and anytime.



Start now and replace up to 8 other systems...