Invoicing made easy with the right tools

We believe that invoicing needs to work smoothly – as your entire business success is strongly linked to invoicing. Many small businesses use only an invoice template to create their invoices, but typing in all information manually can be time-consuming. So why waste time with slow, recurring work steps when everything can be handled with just a few clicks?

An Excel-based spreadsheet for invoicing will for sure work for a while. However, you can achieve a significant amount of efficiency and time saving with Taimer’s invoicing software. We strongly recommend that you try the Taimer Free – it’s easy to use and free forever.


Invoice free forever with Taimer Free

The Taimer Free CRM version, is a user-friendly tool designed for sole traders. Invoicing is super easy and quick. The dashboard offers you a complete view of your invoicing and helps you keep on track.

With Taimer Free, you can either invoice on an hourly basis or according to scheduled payments. Invoices can be sent by printing an email or as e-invoices. You can even get notified when your invoices have been paid.

In addition to bank integrations, Taimer Free has integrations to accounting software. This gives you the possibility to integrate and send invoices directly through your accounting software, saving you time and hassle.


Free gives you a lot of additional benefits

In addition to the above-mentioned functions, Taimer Free includes a comprehensive suite of business management tools: customer relationship management, sales management, project management, and reporting capabilities. All your company data is safe and securely stored in one place.

By downloading the mobile app, you can also use Taimer on iOS and Android smartphones and also tablets. Your invoicing software is with you always and everywhere you go.

Give it a try, so you know what we are talking about. You have nothing to lose – but the time and work you spend on manually invoicing.


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Taimer grows with your company

The next version for your growing company after Free is the Sales CRM. It includes, besides the Free CRM version features also, time tracking, task and expense management. Standard has been designed to specifically meet the needs of smaller teams. Taimer Standard is extremely cost-effective, at only 9 € monthly fees per user.

The Standard version includes features that are needed when the number of employees in a company grows. Standard has the ability to, for example, create different activities, track hourly reports, synchronize the system with the company’s Facebook and Twitter channels, and integrate a Finnish debt collection agency.

Taimer Standard can easily be tested with a 30-day free trial. Our customer success team will be happy to assist along the way. Get started now!

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If you still prefer to use a spreadsheet, you can download a free invoice template here:

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