Nordea Bank

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Nordea Partners with Taimer

Nordea Bank, the largest financial group in Northern Europe which operates in 16 countries, has selected fast-growing Taimer as its new partner for complementing its corporate product portfolio. Taimer provides a new, interesting addition to Nordea’s overall business management services for corporate customers. In order to optimize business management as a whole, the bank’s goal is to fully integrate billing-related functions such as e-invoicing, automatic payment tracking, processing of purchase invoices and factoring services.

Taimer Adds Value to Nordea’s B2B Services

The cooperation with Taimer is part of Nordea’s new strategy, with the bank offering its corporate customers the option of integrating third-party services into their banking and B2B services. Nordea and Taimer main integrations listed below.

E-invoicing Made Easy

Creating and sending of e-invoices straight from Taimer to Nordea is super simple with just one click. You can also create multiple invoices to be sent all in one batch.


Payment Tracking

The Payment tracking function in Taimer automatically tracks your Nordea account and marks paid invoices automatically as received.

Factoring Services

Generate invoices in Taimer and click-to-sell your receivables directly to Nordea. Businesses can easily and quickly free up and meet their company’s cash needs.

Accounting Software

Taimer is integrated into numerous accounting platforms. Nordea can provide a way of managing all the company’s most integral operations through a centralized service concept.

Taimer & Nordea Activating Businesses

Taimer is one of the first financial management applications we are launching, and wish to implement it for our customers in the Nordic markets. With this cooperation, we are looking to facilitate everyday operations of especially our smaller business customers, and strengthen our relationship with them. We strongly believe that they will benefit from the cooperation between Taimer and Nordea. Sampsa Laine

Deputy Head of Banking and responsible for Nordea's digital services for SMEs, Nordea Bank

We are very proud to be part of the Nordea’s family and offerings. Taimer is a comprehensive platform that focuses on project management, customer relationship management (CRM), team collaboration, invoicing and financial management that meets the needs of startups, small and medium-sized businesses to enterprise levels. Nordea customers can benefit from these features to activate their businesses. Fredi Palmgren

COO, Partner, Taimer Ltd.

Nordea, with its presence in multiple countries, is a significant partner for Taimer. Nordea connects us with more than 500,000 SMEs in the Nordic and Baltic countries. We will be working closely together and promote the end-users’ ability to streamline their operations, save time and eventually save money. Taimer’s partnership with Nordea will definitely accelerate our internationalization, accessibility, and scalability. Tero Alanen

VP Channel, GTM, Partner, Taimer Ltd.

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