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System Integrators

Ideal SI partners are Banks and E-invoicing platforms, service providers, systems integrators, financial and accounting software, technology owners and distributors alike.

Value Added Resellers

Ideal VAR partners vary from consultants in IT, management, and accounting, to small system integrators, small service providers, industry influencers, and on-site education (training) service providers alike.

Marketplace Owners

Ideal MPO partners are local or global service providers with an existing Marketplace or under development. We appreciate resellers with large customer space and marketplaces are also welcome to apply.

Referral Partners

Ideal referral partners are website owners with quality visitors, small business advisors and consultants, accountants, designing and marketing consultants, and service providers alike.


Our Partners


Svea was founded in 1981 in Sweden and has been operating in Finland since 2002. Svea provides services in Finland from corporate finance, management and debt collection services to consumer payment solutions, car financing and loans. In addition, Svea offers an uncomplicated savings account to individuals.

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Finago is a software company specializing in digital financial management, with Procountor, one of Finland's leading financial management software, as a part of its product family. In collaboration, Finago and Taimer offer SME-companies entirely digital tools for business management and real-time follow ups.

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eCraft are the advisors, consultants and technical executers of the digital world. They help you manage your business with optimized business processes and better insight.

eCraft operates as a VAR partner on platinum level, providing consulting services, and implementing on-boarding services to Taimer clients.



Talenom is a system integrations & referral partner for Taimer.

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