Finago is a software company specializing in digital financial management, with Procountor, one of Finland's leading financial management software, as a part of its product family. In collaboration, Finago and Taimer offer SME-companies entirely digital tools for business management and real-time follow ups.

Together, Procountor and Taimer make business management easy, efficient and timely

The integrated use of Procountor and Taimer enables managing business based on real time information, thus simultaneously helping the firm to boost its sales and allocate its resources even more efficiently than before.

Through the integration between Procountor and Taimer, you can move all bills and expenses from Taimer to Procounter, in just a few clicks. From Procountor, you can forward the bills, as well as pay and automatically record into the company's accounting. This collaboration increases cost-efficiency by automating financial management processes.

“It's important for us that our customers have the chance to utilize modern software, which bring quality and efficiency to the customer's end-to-end processes. This way we can, from our own part, help our customers succeed in their businesses. Taimer's user friendly integration with Finago Procountor enables seamless comprehensive management of finances and functional processes.”

Kyösti Järnefelt,Chief Strategy Officer - Accountor Finago Oy

Customers and accountants love Taimer

Customers and clients like Taimer due to its ease of use and diversity. Using Taimer brings an increase in efficiency to firms, by combining the entire company's sales management and consultancy process. Companies can also save time when they digitalize their receipts, bills and expenses. 

Keep all your information synchronized in one location for both your team and your accountant.

Add invoices, bills and expenses digitally into Procountor financial management software


With the help of invoicing material, you can first generate the invoice on Taimer. With just a click, you can then transfer these invoices to Procountor and send to the customer.


Bills can be directly received digitally in Taimer. These bills can then be targeted to projects, recycled, accepted and sent to Procountor from where they can be paid.


Effortlessly transfer your expenses to Procountor for payment and accounting. This interface boosts your company's efficiency by automating, for example, accounting routines, on top of several other useful functions.


By integrating an accounting software with a business management system, Taimer will save you money and time, as this allows you to manage your finances smartly with no unnecessary extra work.

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Finago Procountor

Procountor Financial Management offers all features needed to nurture and manage your company's finances, with ease and trust. If needed, onboarding can be done incredibly quickly, even in the middle of a fiscal year. The software can be customized to your needs, works great in a joint use between a company and an accounting firm.

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