Basware is a Taimer global system integrations partner


Taimer& Basware collaboration avails e-invoicing globally

Taimer gets a new, valuable partner with whom to conquer the world when the cooperation with Basware starts. This new partner is an excellent addition to Taimer’s service package and is expected to open new doors for both enterprise growth and users of the Taimer ERP system to for example send e-invoices globally.

What is Basware and how it will improve e-invoicing experience for users?

Basware is the world’s leading provider of procurement-to-payment as well as e-invoice system with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Basware helps companies across the globe monitor and reduce costs, manage operating costs, and anticipate business growth. The Basware network includes a million companies in over a hundred countries around the world.

Basware offers among other things include; e-invoicing systems and solutions, automation for receiving invoices, financing, modernization of payment transactions, and future planning for companies. The goal is to help customers simplify their business practices and use their funds more wisely. Benefits for customer companies are increasing efficiency in operations, saving money, and strengthening business relationships.

With Basware it will be possible for global users to send e-invoices. Taimer adds value to Basware by expanding its customer portfolio though bringing in a segment of smaller companies. The integration with Basware will give an opportunity for Taimer’s global users to streamline and digitize their invoicing operations.

We are really happy about the coming collaboration between Basware and Taimer. It will have a significant impact on the growth of our new target markets and accelerate our internationalization. Basware is a fantastic world-class partner with whom we share common goals. We offer modern tools for development companies to improve financial management processes and thereby improve competitiveness”, says Tero Alanen, responsible for Taimer’s global partnership network.

Tero Alanen
VP Channel, GTM, Partner

The collaboration between Basware and Taimer will help strengthen Basware’s partner strategy, which aims to provide Basware’s network services to an ever wider client base by using standardised service interfaces. Basware’s network services offer Taimer’s customers the opportunity to send e-invoices all over the world and to utilise the many value-added services offered by the Basware network,” says Mikko Pilkama, Senior Vice President of Basware Network and Financing Services.


Mikko Pilkama
SVP, Network and Financing Services

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