Fully automate your accounting process with Taimer and Netvisor.


Transfer invoices & bills electronically to your accounting software

Getting your accounting related tasks and processes automated can lead to huge savings and less manual work.

Transfer Invoices electronically

Create and send all invoices from Taimer. You can choose to send them via Netvisor to your end customers or as e-invoices, print or by email straight from Taimer. All invoice details are sent straight to Netvisor for bookkeeping.

Transfer Bills electronically

Taimer allows you to receive bills electronically. This will help you keep track of all your project related costs in one place giving you a 360° view of all your project financials. Transfer circulated and approved bills automatically to Netvisor for payment and bookkeeping.

Accountants love Taimer

Taimer is loved by accountants since we save time by digitalising all receipts and your business invoicing and billing. Keeping all date synchronised in one place for both your team and your accountant.

Save time & money

Taimer will save you tons of time & money otherwise spent on figuring out when to invoice, what hasn't been invoiced. Delivering receipts every month to your accountant and figuring out hours worked on projects.

About Netvisor

Netvisor software enables fully electronic financial management. The software covers functions such as invoicing, purchase invoice processing, accounts ledger, payroll accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting and electronic archive.

  • Software: Netvisor

  • Provider: Visma Oy

  • Type: Accounting

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