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Taimer and collaborate to digitalise payroll is a service for payroll payment online and on mobile.

Taimer's users can now manage and pay company salaries easily and effortlessly directly through Taimer. takes care of salary payments and side costs that needs to be taken care of. digitalise manual payroll, allowing the entrepreneur to spend less hours on administration.


Easy salary payments in real-time

The payroll program brings the company a quick and easy way to pay wages. It is easy to calculate wages on a pay scale: the side costs are automatically added and the various allowances are calculated correctly at one time, including mileage. eliminates continuous contact with the accountant when pay rows and details are instantly created.

Salary and costs can be paid by one payment. Accounting gets a clear and predefined report. Thus, accounting is always up to date.

Easily calculate salaries

Calculate employee salaries with ease. application automatically generates all required fields for payment.

Everything is done with one payment

In addition to the payroll, the service calculates all costs and notifications related to salary payments. All paid with just one click of a button.


Accounting is always up to date. The service provides your accountant with a clear, predefined report containing all the necessary information for bookkeeping.

Taimer and digitize business processes

Digitalising business processes reduces manual work. Thanks to the cooperation between Taimer and, entrepreneurs can reduce hours spent on administration.

We want to streamline entrepreneur’s everyday life. Payroll management must be quick and easy. We also take away hours spent on notifications to accounting and authorities. Entrepreneurs should be able to spend more time on doing stuff they love, not bureaucracy!


Jukka-Kiiskinen palkkaus -
Jukka Kiiskinen
CEO, Partner

It is a pleasure to be a partner of to bring easy salary and payroll directly to the entrepreneur within Taimer’s platform. Our collaboration creates a new dimension for Taimer, and its users, and additionally saves entrepreneurs time and money.


Tero Alanen
Tero Alanen
VP, Partner

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