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Who is an ideal Referral Partner?

Ideally small business and consultants, accountants, and website owners with quality & high volume traffics alike.

What is expected?

Cross-marketing and lead generation capabilities. The more you promote the more you earn.

How to apply?

By filling in the form below. Our team will contact you and you’ll be given a unique dashboard and referral link to be used in your marketing and sales.

What are the benefits?

Receive marketing materials and brand guidelines on top of commissions. Our lead generation process is automated & it’s super easy.

Taimer Referral Partner Advantages

Taimer Partner Badge

Referral partners can use Taimer’s Partner badge indicating official trusted partnership. 

Quick Onboarding

Becoming a Referral Partner is easy, free, and quick. We will assist you throughout the process.

Monthly Commissions

Receive monthly recurring commissions, for all their referred leads that turn into customers.

Be in Control

Have access to your own dashboard to monitor generated leads, customers, and commissions in real-time.

Referral Partners



Taimer is an essential tool for our business, but also a great affiliate opportunity for us to refer Taimer to our own customers. Taimer also pays a very generous commission from every sale. Another good thing about the taimer affiliate program is that unlike others that pay only commission once for every conversion, with Taimer we’ve got good monthly recurring commissions.

Matti Vaininen
Matti Vaininen
Matti Vaininen - Hypement

Taimer is one of the affiliates we love to work with due to the automation practices they offer and the transparency in cooperation. As we work with many tools, we have discovered that Taimer is reliable, not only from a technical point of view but also in terms of support behind the tool, which is very important to us.

Janne Lausvaara
Janne Lausvaara
CEO - Tietorahti

Thanks to Taimer I can recommend one of the most powerful and complete Project Management, CRM, and Sales tool out there. Besides that, we are working closely with the Taimer Team and we never had any problems when it comes to communications or payments. It’s a great pleasure for us to work with such fantastic professionals.

ERPetence Ltd.

Heikki Tikkala
Heikki Tikkala
CEO - ERPetence Ltd.

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