Electronic invoicing is the present and the future

More and more companies are using electronic invoicing. It reduces manual work and paperwork, streamlines project management, and enables you to invoice and receive invoices anytime, anywhere. In short, electronic invoicing saves time, money and nature.

In addition, electronic invoicing has an impact on the company image: is the company at the forefront of development or having been left behind compared to others?

E-invoicing refers to an electronic invoice that is most often sent in XML format. The e-invoice-based payroll system receives an XML message without having to print or scan it separately. In practice, you never have to open a paper invoice again.

Electronic invoicing usually refers to e-invoicing, but invoices sent by email can also be classified as electronic invoices. An e-invoice is an electronic invoice received by your online bank.

Switching to electronic invoicing is easy and must be done anyway at some point. Many operators already require their partners to use electronic invoicing.

Taimer makes electronic invoicing easy

Since accounting systems are Taimer’s best friends, electronic invoicing is very easy to handle through the software. All of the data is generated daily in Taimer, as the work progresses. Invoices are created smartly in Taimer, and invoicing information and its attachments are visible in the system in real time, so there is no ambiguity about them at any time.

You can create an invoice using all the data in Taimer and send it directly from the software or through accounting. In both cases, transferring data to accounting is easy and significantly speeds up the process for both the company team and accounting.

Taimer provides interfaces to the ten most common accounting software through which electronic invoicing can succeed. The latest addition to compatible software is Procountor.

You can find all of Taimer’s accounting interfaces here.


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