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Taimer is a Finnish-based CRM and Business Management SaaS that offers organizations productivity, mobility and time-saving tools to enable more powerful customer interactions and sales. With Taimer you really can run your business with just one effective cloud-based tool. Taimer is already trusted by thousands of paying users and is seeing a huge growth in the company’s second full year of operations, which began in April 2015.



Creating a tool that teams really want to use

For a firm to remain competitive and meet growing customer demands, it must have access to a massive amount of data, as well as the means of leveraging that information to the right people, wherever and whenever. “We set out to create a new product that met the criteria of micro- to medium-sized businesses: all features in one product, accessible at all times, quick to start up, easy to learn and use, works on all devices, affordable, and no hidden costs. Basically, a product that does everything from sales to invoicing in one package. It sounds like an impossible task, but we have come a really long way in only a few years,” says Fredi Palmgren, Global Business Director and Partner at Taimer.

All the features at one price

Taimer chose to do things differently than their competitors, by offering just one edition at one price. Users can try the product for free during a 30-day trial. All features and updates are included. Most third-party integrations are included, and a few integrations offer optional upgrades.

Use what you need and scale up when you grow – without a hassle

All CRM features are included; customer, project and pipeline management, team chat and project messaging, time tracking, expense management, resource planning, to-do lists, work phases, milestones, calendars, invoicing, and more.

Increase productivity with free integrations

Software that talks to other important software you use every day are the future. Taimer lets you connect apps together and streamline your work. Imagine the luxury of turning your website visitors into leads in your CRM. With Taimer, this is already possible. Your favorite calendar, like Outlook or Google Calendar, can also be easily integrated.

Why Salomaa Group chose Taimer

The largest family-owned group of marketing and consulting companies in the Nordic countries chose to go with Taimer. Managing 10 companies that strive to constantly provide success to their clients and staff requires the right tools, throughout the organization. “We searched the market to find a solution, that could centralize our core business processes seamlessly into one product. Taimer presented the solution to this”, says Jan Willamo, Business Development Director.

Think Big, scale Fast, go Global

Taimer is all about its customers, building a product that is needs-driven yet still creates a framework that will scale and adapt to a global market and the challenges that bring. Taimer recently signed a significant distribution and partnership deal with a global reseller, which will take us to app marketplaces all over the world much more quickly than we could ever do by ourselves. Our growth curve for the future looks very positive, with our sales team, international partnerships, and our forthcoming global launch. We are also constantly developing our product offering. We will soon be bringing new native mobile apps to the market and really cool new game-changing features. “Most importantly, our fantastic and expanding team is having a lot of fun on this great ride,” says Fredi Palmgren.



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