Taimer Oy is a developing and expanding company in the software business. It has already grown into a significant player in the Finnish markets as a provider of sales & project management software. Taimer Oy has also accelerated its growth in the international markets.

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As of 16th September 2019, Tero Alanen has been appointed as the new Taimer CEO. He is a partner of the company and has operated as the commercial leader of Taimer for several years already.

Before joining Taimer, Tero Alanen worked for Cisco Systems Oy’s Finnish leadership team, his responsibilities being Partner Business Dealings as well as Operator & Service Provider Client Business Dealings. In addition he has led the cloud based business dealings for Data Center, in both Finland and the Baltic countries. He also has experience with managing sales for IBM.

According to CEO Tero Alanen, Taimer is one of the greatest items on the Finnish software portfolio. “A goal-directed development of software is based on listening to the needs of customers. It is incredible to get to take charge of a company and its international growth together with the founding team, consisting of Eero Saarinen and Fredi Palmgren, and through that be involved in building the next Finnish international success story.”

The founder of Taimer Oy, Eero Saarinen, operates in the company’s administration, in addition to which he is the manager for Taimer software’s production and technology. His focus is on developing the software as well as consulting client organizations and companies.

CTO Eero Saarinen comments on Tero Alanen’s addition to the team, and now the naming as the company’s CEO, to be great in order to continue growing the company and especially its global growth. He thinks Tero Alanen is just the man for the job to lead Taimer to its next era. “The personnel of Taimer is expanding at rapid speed as well, and we are already employing 24 employees. It is in our sights to nearly double our personnel as a result of our current advancement. Taimer Oy has a competitive product, satisfied customers, and an evolving culture of management. In addition, Taimer is attractive as an employer. These are qualities we are proud of. It is our goal now to establish a steady position on the international markets. Having appointed Tero Alanen as the CEO, the management of our international operations and building our funding cycles couldn’t be in better hands.”

Fredi Palmgren, the CIO, CMO, and Co-Founder of Taimer Oy, is excited and happy with the recently published new generation version of the software, which has been received by the clients exceptionally well. “Thanks to innovation, there is great potential for Taimer Oy to grow in the upcoming years, and it’ll also strengthen the service quality for our current important customers and new customers in Finland. One example of Taimer’s internationalization is the partnership CEO Tero Alanen formed with T-Mobile in the USA. Next up in negotiations is all of North America.”

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Additional information:
CEO Tero Alanen +358 50 3112450
CTO Eero Saarinen +358 40 563 5204