Taimer and Telia begin co-operation. Taimer is now available on the Telia application marketplaces in Finland and Sweden. Taimer will be launched in Lithuania in October.

The Telia application marketplace has already established itself in the Nordic and Baltic region as a leading commerce platform for cloud services, providing SMEs with a one-stop-shop for useful and easy-access SaaS services.

telia & taimer

“Taimer is going to be an important ISV partner for us, bringing extremely useful features in a comprehensive product that is really affordable and easy to use. Sonera is delighted to have Taimer on board”, says Susanna Siven, cloud marketplace marketing manager.

I couldn’t be more happy about Taimer joining the Telia cloud marketplace in the Nordics and Baltics. Our co-operation marks the beginning of our globalization, says Fredi Palmgren, Global Business Director, Partner at Taimer.


Telia & Taimer

Telia & Taimer


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