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Onboarding & Training Packages

Taimer offers onboarding support to make your transition smooth and easy. Our customer success team will help you create a customized onboarding & training plan for your team.

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Kickstart -


Suitable for FREE CRM, Sales CRM & Project Management plans, for up to 10 users.

Starting at 790€

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Booster package-


Suitable for Sales CRM & Project Management plans and teams over 10 users.

Starting at 1 890€

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Premium -


Suitable for the ERP plan, and companies with over
20 users.

Starting at 2 990€

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Taimer suitable for my business needs?

    Taimer offers business management solutions across different industries. Pick the solution based on your business size & needs. In addition, we have add-ons that you can include in your existing plan without having to upgrade to a different plan.

  • How is the free trial different from the FREE CRM plan?

    We believe our product speaks for itself. To give you a preview, we offer a free trial period on our premium versions. And of course, you can cancel this anytime. On the other hand, our free CRM version is best suitable for sole traders and this version is free forever.

  • Do you provide support for on-boarding and thereafter?

    You can visit the live chat section to chat with our customer support team. They can help you with all on-boarding guidelines, articles, and tutorials you need. In addition, the premium plan users can book a free online demo.

  • What is the difference between add-ons and integrations?

    If you are looking at adding more features to existing solutions, we have paid add-ons that you can add to your current plan without upgrading. Also, Taimer offers a wide range of integrations that support sales automation, accounting, e-invoicing etc.

  • How secure is my data in Taimer?

    Taimer uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store user data. These servers undergo recurring assessment to ensure compliance with the latest industry standards. The Taimer application employs only secure HTTPS connections, where all information is encrypted.

  • Is Taimer EU-US Privacy Shield compliant?

    Taimer complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the Department of Commerce which applies to the collection, use and retention of customer personal data.

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