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Taimer is a free CRM software to run your business smoothly. Manage contacts, accounts, leads & deals with Taimer's visual free CRM tool.


Customisable CRM, create and manage all customer relations and contacts according to your needs.


No more spreadsheets! Online CRM software, visual sales funnel, & invoices in one system.


Analyse and track the KPI's in real-time, synchronized, even on your mobile.
“I love that Taimer CRM can manage leads, closed deals & invoicing, in one easy to use app - and it is truly free.”
Jackson Bloom

Free CRM software, sales management, and invoicing in one integrated tool

Taimer's features are integrated for your ease. It couldn't be easier to manage your customer relationships - from leads to closed deals, and straight to invoicing. 


CRM that works!

Customise your sales pipeline to best suit your needs. Define your own stages, sales cycles, and visually follow up on the right actions that lead to better sales. Sell more!


Keep all contacts up-to-date

Track all leads as they progress through the funnel. From the first contact, to purchase, and beyond, Taimer helps you record all customer's data and keep it always in synch.

Manage leads in sales funnel

No more spreadsheets! Taimer's free sales management feature creates a dynamic sales process to help the sales team identifying leads that need attention. Therefore, you can have all customer relationship materials at hand.

Invoice closed deals

Always know when and what to invoice. Analyse your cash flow by getting a real-time forecast on the invoice receivables. Never miss any invoicing opportunities with Taimer free invoicing feature.

See how Taimer can boost your business productivity

  • Free CRM software
  • Free sales pipeline management
  • Free invoicing platform
  • Free project management
  • All in one unified tool for free!

Let's get you started!

No risk. No cost. No credit card. Free forever.

Customizable free CRM software to suit your needs

We understand that each business is unique and has different needs. Taimer CRM software gives you powerful customization capabilities to manage all closed deals the way you need. With Taimer you can quickly respond to changes, manage all project's related costs and always invoice on time.

Never miss any invoicing opportunities! Invoice hours, costs and expenses.

CRM software with sales automation integrations to generate more leads

With Taimer, discover who’s visited your website and convert them to leads. Taimer has integrations with Leadfeeder which helps you to see which companies have visited your site, how they found you and what they’re interested in. Integrate with Taimer CRM and all your leads are created into Taimer with one click.

Integrate, import and start selling!

Check out all other features included in Taimer free CRM software

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Free Invoicing Software

Easy invoicing software to help you take control on customer relations and get paid faster.

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CRM eco

Free Sales Management

Visualize accounts and contacts activities via free sales management module.

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Project manager -

Free Project Management

Supplement CRM with project management features. Manage all projects, details, and tasks.

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We make running a business effortless

"Our number one goal was to save time and boost productivity in our business processes. Taimer has met these needs in one simple system."

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Kalevi Riipinen
Business Owner @Freshwind

"We highly appreciate the fact that Taimer always puts the customer first. The system is really versatile and flexible. Excellent! "

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Lauri Miettinen
Production Manager & Founder @Fulmore

"I can absolutely recommend Taimer especially to companies that value the accessibility of up-to-date data, and a truly easy-to-use software. "

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Leena Lagerblom thumnail-60x60
Leena Lagerblom
Sales Support Manager @MicroMedia

Free CRM software for small startups - Always free!

Easy to upgrade when your business grows.

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Ask your accountant about Taimer CRM if you haven't! They love us!

You can invoice services, hours and expenses within the software. Accountants and bookkeepers love Taimer CRM for its ease, integrations with e-invoicing, accounting software, and banks plus unified features. No need to wait any longer. Make an account to access our always FREE version, and enjoy painless invoicing. All with one easy CRM software.

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Your data is always safe

Safe and secure in the cloud. Continuously backed up on multiple servers.

Mobile use on all devices

Work on iPhone, Android, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop.

Great support

You will have access to our team of Customer Support to help you every step of the way.

Wide range of integrations

Taimer offers a wide range of integrations to save you more time, money and further boost productivity. 

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