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Why switch to Taimer?

Accountants waste a lot of time and money mired in disjointed applications and manual processes. Replace more than 10+ apps with a cloud-based ERP solution customized for accounting firms

Save time

Get rid of outdated software and spreadsheets, and save up to 30 min/day/employee with one centralized system.

Reduce costs

Get 15 times the return by investing in one unified system. Replace more than 10+ apps with just one solution. 

Gain complete visibility

Get complete visibility on billable and non-billable hours, team productivity, invoicing rates and task progress.

Easy-to-use Software

Manage ongoing projects and services with ease using a simple and intuitive tool that scales with your business.

Why do accounting firms love Taimer?

Quick & easy time tracking & timesheet management

Track time with an automatic timer

Time-tracking can be done in six different ways: built-in timer, bulk entry, list editing, stopwatch, draggable projects, and calendar entry.

Track productivity and manage timesheets

Get a visual break down of team productivity, view hourly rates, track hours to specific projects, and manage attendance & billable hours.

Real-time customer and team collaboration

Collaborate on projects using Kanban Boards

Follow up on projects and collaborate with team & clients using Taimer boards. Segment customers into different groups for seamless collaboration.

Manage team activities

Schedule and monitor sales activities and track their progress. Get automatic reminders and notifications, and never miss a deadline again.

Effortless task management & resource scheduling

Manage tasks and projects

Accelerate project performance by prioritizing tasks and streamlining workflow using a task management system.

Schedule resources

Manage utilization and capacity using Taimer's resource scheduling Gantt. Track the progress of your work in real-time to allocate resources.

Faster invoicing, expense management & billing

Send invoices and expenses

Manage invoices, bills, POs, and expenses digitally. Invoice- services, hours, products, bills, expenses, recurring & scheduled invoices.

View billable and non-billable hours

View detailed billing info. and get invoicing rate per employee. Analyze billable and non-billable hours to create better estimates for future project costs and resources.

Business insights and multiple productivity integrations

View profitability

Get in-depth business insights on profit and loss, company expenses, cash flow, and know which projects are profitable and those that are not. 

Integrate with accounting software

Taimer can be integrated with 100+ apps. Simplify complex accounting processes by integrating with other accounting software and productivity apps.

Effective sales pipeline management & sales quoting

Send sales quotes, and CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

Manage sales quotes digitally, simplify complex product pricing, and create the best quotes, using our advanced CPQ and product inventory list.

Target costs to sales quotes

Allocate hourly labour costs, expenses and bills to sales quotes, and get real-time reports on estimates vs. actual costs. 

Taimer vs. Others

Here is a quick comparison of Taimer versus other ERP solutions for accountants. Choose the one that best fits your needs!

ERP software for accounting firms

Customer Testimonials

"Our goal was to save time & boost productivity in our business processes. Taimer has met our needs in one simple system."

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Kalevi Riipinen
Business Owner @Freshwind

"We highly appreciate the fact that Taimer always puts the customer first. The system is really versatile and flexible. Excellent!"

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Lauri Miettinen
Production Manager & Founder @Fulmore

"I can absolutely recommend Taimer especially to companies that value the accessibility of up-to-date data, and a truly easy-to-use software."

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Leena Lagerblom
Sales Support Manager @MicroMedia

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