Perfect combination of features made for people on the go

With automations and easy mobile interface, Taimer is designed to collect and combine data also outside the office.


Time tracker, GPS trip tracker and expenses on the go, great tools to manage your team on the go

70% of field service providers work with manual spreadsheets and paperwork. Taimer brings managers up-to-date visibility on expenses and utilization rate of field employees. Handy resourcing calendar and time tracking tool ensure highest possible efficiency.


Managing of projects

Get real-time visibility into your entire project lifecycle, share files and documents and collaborate with your team. Learn more

Scheduling of work

Fastest and easiest way to schedule people, maximise capacity and collaborate across all projects. Learn more

Mobile Time Tracker

Track time your way & maintain visibility of your company expenditure. Learn more

Expenses & GPS trip tracker

Taimer automates every step of the expense reporting process. No more hassle with receiptsLearn more

Easy invoicing

Invoicing made simple, save hours on invoicing and focus on what you love doing. Receive and manage bills with Taimer. Learn more

Team Collaboration

Conversations come to life with Taimer.Reduce emails, sms & phone calls and get your teams activities organised and visualised. Learn more

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Hours and tasks in one app

With Taimer you can assign tasks with budgeted hours to your team mates.

Track hours to tasks and manage availability and your teams capacity.

Create & manage quotes 

Using Taimer you can easily manage all quotes digitally. Use templates to quickly get started and add a cover letter before sending.

Customise your sales pipeline and get total insight into your order book.


Taimer makes invoicing fun

Put your invoicing on auto-pilot with Taimer. Generate automatic invoices, send reminders, and connect to your accounting software.

Always know what and when to invoice.


GPS trip tracking

Taimer GPS trip tracker tracks your driving or traveling route (the set of GPS coordinates along with your path), speed and travel distance while you drive. At the end of trip, you can save the trip details and create a travel expense.

"We highly appreciate the fact that Taimer always puts the customer first. Taimer is really versatile and flexible. Excellent!"

Lauri Miettinen
Founder, Fulmore
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Connect your favorite apps

Taimer CRM integrates seamlessly with leading third-party service providers, websites and apps. Integrate your accounting software, bank and billing to get the full benefit out of Taimer.


Explore more features

Taimer has all the tools needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

Accounts (CRM)

Tailor to your business needs.


Sales Funnel

Manage leads and deals



Quick and simple invoicing


Time Tracking

Comprehensive time management tool


Team Collaboration

Take communication to a new level.


Project Management

Manage multiple projects with ease.


Resource Scheduling

Assign tasks and budget hours.



Expenses on the go & GPS tracker.


How to boost your business productivity up to 400%

Our guide shows you how you can save time by replacing 8 separate apps with one.


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