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ERP Software Solution Overview Provided by a sales agent

Why do media & marketing agencies love Taimer?

Taimer offers a comprehensive and easy to use Sales CRM, time and project management and invoicing platform to help project managers, producers, developers and communication teams to maximise productivity and manage capacity.

project management taimer

Project management

Get real-time visibility into your entire project lifecycle, share files and documents, and collaborate with your team.

With Taimer, you can accelerate project performance and schedule resources efficiently. Streamline workflow and finish projects on time.

TimeTracker for architects and engineers

Time tracking

Track hours to tasks and manage availability and your teams' capacity.

With Taimer, you can assign tasks with budgeted hours to your teammates. Track hours to tasks and manage availability and your teams capacity.

ProjectManagement for architects and engineers

Sales pipeline management

No more spreadsheets. Taimer offers the ultimate tools to manage leads, offers and closed deals in one unified platform.

Follow up on sales activities and monitor their progress. Get automatic reminders and notifications, and never miss a deadline again.

Sales Quotes for architects and engineers

Sales quotes & target costs

Using Taimer you can easily manage all quotes digitally. Use templates to quickly get started and add a cover letter before sending.

Customise your sales pipeline and get total insight into your order book.

Invoicing for architects and engineers

Bills, invoices & expenses

Invoicing made simple: save hours on invoicing and focus on what you love doing. Receive and manage bills with Taimer.

Generate automatic invoices, send reminders, and connect to your accounting software. Always know what and when to invoice.

project management software for architects and engineers

Why switch to Taimer?

Media & marketing agencies waste a lot of time and money mired in disjointed applications and manual processes. Replace more than 10+ apps with a centralized PSA software for media & marketing agencies.

Save time

Switching between multiple applications is time-consuming. Stop switching between different software and save up to 30 min/day/employee.

Reduce overhead costs

The more the number of applications, the higher the costs. Get 15 times the return by investing in one unified system that scales with your business.

Improve utilization rate

Disjointed tools that do not talk to each other hampers productivity & throttles growth. Boost productivity up to 400% with systems that talk to each other.

Replace outdated software

Get rid of outdated software and manual processes. Switch to Taimer's smart business intelligence tools to increase efficiency, save time, and money.

Are you a media or marketing agency working with multiple applications?

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Customer Testimonials

Our goal was to save time & boost productivity in our business processes. Taimer has met our needs in one simple system. Read more

kalevi riipinen
Kalevi Riipinen
Business Owner @Freshwind

We highly appreciate the fact that Taimer always puts the customer first. The system is really versatile and flexible. Excellent! Read more

Clients Testimonial
Lauri Miettinen
Production Manager & Founder @Fulmore

I can absolutely recommend Taimer especially to companies that value the accessibility of up-to-date data, and a truly easy-to-use software. Read more

Leena Lagerblom thumnail-60x60
Leena Lagerblom
Sales Support Manager @MicroMedia

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