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Why switch to Taimer?

Project managers waste a lot of time and money mired in disjointed applications and manual processes. Replace more than 10 apps with one centralised project management software for architects and engineers.

Save time

Switching between multiple applications is time-consuming.Stop switching between different software and save up to 30 min/day/employee.

Reduce overhead costs

The more the number of applications, the higher the costs. Get 15 times the return by investing in one unified system that scaleswith your business.

Improve utilization rate

Disjointed tools can hamper productivity & slow down growth. Boost productivity up to 400% with systems that communicate with each other.

Replace outdated software

Get rid of outdated software and manual processes. Switch to Taimer's smart business intelligence tools to increase efficiency, save time, and money.

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It's unlike any other tool you've used before!

Let Taimer boost your agency's productivity

Our easy-to-use software provides the optimal tools for your agency’s sales, customer data, projects, billable hours, invoicing and reports. Automating manual tasks saves more time for client work and other revenue-generating activities.

Project Management

icons8-checkmark-64 Efficient Scheduling & Resourcing

Accelerate project performance and deliver projects on time and budget, by prioritizing tasks and scheduling resources efficiently with Taimer.

icons8-checkmark-64 Kanban Boards for Collaboration

Organise and prioritise work, assign tasks and due dates. Streamline your workflow and collaborate with team & clients in real-time.

Time Tracking

icons8-checkmark-64 Built-in Time Tracker

Budget, track and assign hours based on your agency's capacity and workload.

icons8-checkmark-64 Manage Your Hours

Get a visual overview of your progress and efficiency, team activities, hourly rates and billable hours, through customisable views & reports.

Sales Pipeline Management

icons8-checkmark-64 Manage Leads and Won Deals

Visualise the progress of your leads & deals, drag & drop to define stages, qualify the right leads, and customise multiple sales pipelines.

icons8-checkmark-64 Sales Activities and Reminders

Follow up on sales activities and monitor their progress. Get automatic reminders and notifications, and never miss a deadline again.

Have you tried Taimer yet?

It's unlike any other tool you've used before!

Sales Quotes & Target Costs

icons8-checkmark-64 Sales Quotes and CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

Manage sales quotes digitally, simplify complex product pricing, and create the best quotes, using our advanced CPQ and product inventory list.

icons8-checkmark-64 Target Costs to Sales Quotes

Target costs to sales quotes. You can target hourly labour costs, expenses and bills, and get a real-time view of estimates vs. actual costs.

Bills, Invoices & Expenses

icons8-checkmark-64 Create & Send Invoices

Manage all stages of invoicing, even on the go. You can invoice services, hours, products, bills, expenses, recurring & scheduled invoices.

icons8-checkmark-64 Manage Bills, Purchase Orders & Expenses

Manage bills, POs and expenses directly in Taimer. Take a picture of your receipt or upload it in Taimer, for speedy reimbursements.

Business insights & reports

icons8-checkmark-64 Business Insights Dashboards

Get actionable insights on your sales revenue, expenditure, project margin and more. Download customisable sales reports whenever necessary.

icons8-checkmark-64 Profit & Loss Analytics

View target costs, profit and loss data, company expenses, pending invoices, and other important business insights.


icons8-checkmark-64 Connect to multiple integrations

Boost sales, simplify complex business processes and improve operational efficiency. Integrate with productivity apps, sales automation tools, and accounting software.


Are you an architecture or engineering firm managing multiple projects?

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Why architects & engineers love Taimer?

“Expenses were created in a form in Microsoft Word and the amount had to be calculated manually by us. It was quite clear that things had to change. Creating expenses is easy for employees when the software calculates the amount automatically. Moreover, the company strongly recommends the time tracking feature. It’s clear and easy. Read more

Liisa Koivuranta

Secretary of Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects

    Free Guide 

    Is your architecture or engineering agency managing multiple projects? Check out our free eGuide with tips and strategies that will help you close projects on time!

    Use case

    Read about Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects, who were very happy to replace some of their impractical tools with Taimer.



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