Taimer's Project Management Solution To Boost Productivity

Integrated project management software to create projects, track time & resources, manage costs, collaborate on tasks & more.

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How Taimer Works

Project Management Solution Taimer

Prioritize Smartly & Efficiently

Taimer's Project Management Solution is specifically tailored for Project Managers and Teams.

Watch how Taimer can help you manage your projects, resources and finances effortlessly so you always complete your projects on time & budget.

Manage Contacts, Projects, & Finances

For Project Owners & Teams - Unlimited Users

Why Taimer?

Easy Project Management

Access Accounts from one place

You can access customer & project details from one place. Integrate with Office 365 which provides 2-way-email sync & allows to edit and share documents in Onedrive. Read more

Create Multiple Project Pipelines

Deliver projects on time using a customizable pipeline management tool. Create unlimited projects, track progress, assign status & complete projects on time with Taimer. Read more

Increase Efficiency

Time Tracking Made Easy

With just a click, the automatic built-in timer lets you track the time spent on projects and tasks. Plan your projects better knowing the time spent on specific tasks and activities. Read more

Capacity Utilization

Prioritize tasks and schedule resources using Resource Gantt. You can even get a 360-degree view of your project cycle using the visual & interactive dashboard. Read more


Enable Seamless Collaboration

Delegate Tasks Efficiently

Use Boards to assign and prioritize tasks. Collaborate in real-time with your clients, get approvals, share files and never miss a project deadline again. Read more

Automated Project Threads

Use one centralized solution instead of multiple apps for seamless communication. Automate project threads and communicate easily from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Read more


Stay on Budget

Invoice Faster

Send and manage invoices easily using Taimer. It's simple to use and saves hours on invoicing by automating manual processes. Manage your projects better by getting paid faster. Read more

Claim expenses with just a click

Easily track and analyze costs and claim reimbursements for your project's expenses using Taimer. Just take a picture of the receipt and upload on the go using the Taimer app. Read more

Productivity Integrations

Sales, Productivity, Accounting, Invoicing & More

Taimer makes it extremely easy to integrate with your favourite apps. Unlike other solutions, all systems talk to each other. Enhance your project performance with multiple integrations. Read more

Replace 10+ apps with 3 Taimer apps

Taimer App -


Taimer App

Manage Contacts, Leads, Projects, Invoices & Expenses from anywhere, anytime.

Taimer boards - taimer.comTaimer boards -


Taimer Boards App

Collaborate with customers and team, manage & prioritize tasks in real-time.

Taimer chat - logo -


Taimer Chat App

Exchange messages, send files, share project updates and chat on the go.

Taimer app store -
Taimer Google Play -

See How Taimer Helps Businesses Grow

Our goal was to save time & boost productivity in our business processes. Taimer has met our needs in one simple system. Read more

kalevi riipinen
Kalevi Riipinen
Business Owner @Freshwind

We highly appreciate the fact that Taimer always puts the customer first. The system is really versatile and flexible. Excellent! Read more!

Clients Testimonial
Lauri Miettinen
Production Manager & Founder @Fulmore

I can absolutely recommend Taimer especially to companies that value the accessibility of up-to-date data, and a truly easy-to-use software. Read more!

Leena Lagerblom thumnail-60x60
Leena Lagerblom
Sales Support Manager @MicroMedia

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