Company Name: HR-tilipalvelu Oy
Industry: Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
Company Size: 17
Turnover: 12/2018 – 780 000,00 EUR
Taimer version: ERP
Core Features we love: Customer Segmentation & Collaboration

HR-tilipalvelu Oy started out as a traditional one-man accounting firm in 2010. The company began to grow rapidly as the word for excellent and reliable service began to spread. Currently, HR-tilipalvelu Oy employs 17 people, two of whom are on family leave.

“With only a few customers, you only need a few employees. Of course, managing your business is also easier. As the customer base grows, the challenges will increase and projects will have to be managed differently. At the same time, customers will have to be served in different ways. The importance of targeted communication is growing – both internally and externally”, says Harri Ruokokoski, CEO.

HR-tilipalvelu Oy’s primary target group includes various different companies and associations, as well as housing and real estate companies. They provide comprehensive financial management services. This includes, but is not limited to, accounting, financial reporting, taxation, and payroll for corporate clients, and also consulting and training to a great extent.

With the growth, the entire software needed an upgrade

Before the introduction of Taimer, HR-tilipalvelu Oy used several different tools in the company. They initially served them well, but as the company grew, the need to switch to a more robust software was noticed. It was also important to integrate with financial management software, but new approaches and tools were also needed – stressed unanimously by both customers and the staff.

“We knew all the traditional software, but we wanted an added value to the system. We wanted something modern and new, yet with some special features for accounting firms. This is keeping in mind the demands of the future”, says Ruokokoski.

“Came across Taimer accidentally, on Google search.”

It finally took five months to make the decision. The accounting firm wanted to be confident in its choice of software, which required a thorough investigation. The company interviewed its clients as if they were external consultants, identifying their needs; what were their asks. In addition, the opinion of the staff was weighed in. Now, Taimer offers the company the answers and functionality it requires, to meet its demanding needs.

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“Taimer meets the expectations of our staff up to 90-95%. We now have a clear overview and the insights to manage everything: time tracking, resourcing, chat, calendar. The accounting software can be integrated as part of the ERP system, which also speeds up the workflow.”

According to Ruokokoski, modern software can be trusted to work in the future.

Internal and external communication improved

HR-tilipalvelu Oy needed help especially with communication and customer segmentation. Automating routines to support functionalities allows for better service – especially in exceptional circumstances – so it was considered important. The flow of information is now convenient within the company and towards customers.

“As the number of software decreases and we move from a decentralized model to a centralized model, the flow of information and efficiency improves”, says the CEO of HR-tilipalvelu Oy, noting that the change has been seen quite quickly.

“Taimer understood our needs and was able to advise us on the right solution.”

HR-tilipalvelu Oy provides external and internal accounting services. There are different accounting service solutions for different size companies. You can choose the solution that suits your company’s needs and request for a quote so you know what you get, and what you have to pay for.

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