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Blink Helsinki aims for smooth financial and payroll administrations via Heeros PSA

Seamless work between project management and financial administration is emphasizing Blink's growth. Read more how to combine projects...

Blink Helsinki is a growth marketing agency that connects creative content design with analytical technology abilities. With their data-driven marketing models, the impact of separate operations is made visible and brought together in sales.

Blink Helsinki, a growing marketing agency from Helsinki, uses Heeros' all-in-one professional service automation (PSA) software – perfect for marketing and creative agencies –  to keep up with its operations.

“A typical workday for me includes a lot of meetings and communication with colleagues, customers, and partners. With busy days it’s important to have practical processes and not waste time on unnecessary things. In a smaller office, you can manage for a long time without precise processes but when the number of staff grows, operations need to have a systematic formula. With a growing business our processes need to develop as well to support the growth”, says the CEO of Blink, Antti Tolonen.  


Antti Tolonen Blink Helsinki

Antti Tolonen
CEO, Blink Helsinki

“Creative design work is our core business, not system use. Our goal is to not get on with multiple different systems but to take care of administrative work with as little trouble as possible.”

“When it comes to project management, it’s important for us to see where time is spent, both in separate tasks and in the bigger picture”, says Tolonen. One of project management’s concrete needs is the legal obligation to track work hours, something that Blink was able to do with the previous system they used. But with the company growing all operation models had to be clarified and the chosen tools needed to be used smartly and more extensively. 

It’s not practical to have different software or application for every reporting need. With one central software, all errands can be taken care of from the same place, keeping everything under control and not wasting time on overlapping routine tasks. 

“The fewer tools we are using, the better. With Heeros PSA, we can do more things within one system, from tracking work hours to invoicing, and analyzing our operations”, Tolonen tells us.


Heeros PSA integrations Finland resized

HubSpot integration is one of the criteria to choose the Heeros PSA 

Blink wanted a tool that could track and improve project-based work. “In our field of business projects are sometimes seen as tying creativity down. However, I see that when all routine errands are neatly processed, there is more room than restrictions for creativity”, Tolonen reasons. 

In their mapping phase, Blink studied operators from both Finland and abroad. Heeros PSA stood out, among other things, with the integration possibilities and a clear, distinct user interface. 

“The story of Heeros worked for us for many reasons – the service works very intuitively and fits in well with our operating model. One of the interesting factors was the HubSpot integration, which helps us to keep up with routine entries, updating automatically between the systems, expresses Tolonen. 


Work hour tracking and operation improvements made possible by reporting

For Blink it was important to be able to guide and improve their own operations. When all information is in one place, work monitoring works well even in the bigger picture. Reports help to monitor the course of a client project and observe things like offsets in profitability. 

“Afterwards we can monitor the time used in projects and help to administer our resources better in the future. Without the reporting possibilities, it would be difficult to see where the project’s work hours are actually going. The reports also help us to transparently share information with the whole organization. We go through the reports together every quarter, so everyone in the company has a full picture of where we are at”, Tolonen says.   



Heeros PSA platform EN

Financial administration is a big part of project management

The next step for Blink is to utilize the financial administration of Heeros as part of company operations. Seamless work between project management and financial administration is emphasized in this step as well. 

“It’s important for us to see the whole funnel from sales to project work, and from tracking work hours to invoicing and payroll administration, all within the same system. The fact that Taimer and Heeros work together seamlessly is a big thing for us.”

Blink is piloting the new Heero Financial Cloud and Heeros PSA Cloud integration with the possibility to take care of project management and invoicing within the same system. “The aim is to manage the “mandatory” things more efficiently. This way unnecessary work tasks are eliminated, and time and expenses saved”, Tolonen sums up.


Heeros PSA: Easy to use as a key factor

Blink is particularly satisfied with Heeros PSA's easy-to-use interface and customer support. "Especially in the beginning when we put the system to use the role of local customer support was emphasized. In the end transferring from one system to another was easy and surprisingly fast”.

“The system being easy to use is very important for us. And if someone needs user support it’s handy for it to be close and in the same language”, Tolonen emphasizes. 

“Creative design work is our core business, not system use. Our goal is to not get on with multiple different systems but to take care of administrative work with as little trouble as possible”, Tolonen says.



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