Taimer ERP: An ERP to Fit The Needs Of Corporations With Multiple Businesses

Salomaa Group has been managing daily business activities using Taimer ERP for over a year now. They have gone from using multiple, fragmented programs and CRM software to managing their business with only one Taimer platform.


Taimer Enterprise Testimonial - Salomaa Group


Salomaa Group is a Finnish family business founded in 1935. Salomaa Group includes Dagmar, KASKI Agency, Quru, Rabbit in a Hat, SEK, Vimma, and Voitto. The parent company Salomaa Group had revenue of more than 176 million euros in 2016, employing 336 persons.

The negotiations between Salomaa Group and Taimer on developing a Taimer version suitable for a corporation consisting of multiple companies started at the end of 2015. The goal was to create a totally new version of Taimer, to suit the needs of corporations that wish to manage multiple companies under one umbrella platform.

The cooperation launched the development of the Taimer ERP version.

“We wanted to develop a version for small and large corporations, wherein multiple companies use one Taimer platform. All companies within the ERP version can do business with each other and still manage their operations independently, and all companies can simultaneously be managed in Taimer as a whole. Similar platform and solutions are not available on the market”, says Fredi Palmgren from Taimer. “The main focus in the ERP version was on simplicity, ease of use and the opportunity to bring many different single application functions into one unified platform. This brings efficiency to teams, boosts productivity, improves internal communication and adds transparency to the business”, Palmgren describes.

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The Collaboration With Taimer Produced Fantastic Results

The product development of Taimer ERP required a lot of work but quickly generated results. It all began at the end of 2015, included the team from Taimer and representatives from the affiliated companies of Salomaa Group and in September 2016 the ERP version started to take shape.

“The amount of work put into this has been enormous and development work has been done consistently along the way. We have monthly meetings with Taimer to go through development needs. I have been more than happy with the collaboration between our teams. Our companies use Taimer and it has proven its benefits in sales management, project and time management and in invoicing” says Risto Tattari, Head of technology at Salomaa Group.

PSA software Taimer

TIP: If you need an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for managing a professional services firm, take a look at Taimer’s PSA system, its features and benefits.

The project has also been very rewarding to Taimer.

“For Taimer this was a great achievement: we landed a huge project and were able to hand over Taimer ERP to Salomaa Group in a relatively short time, needless to say, there were a few bumps along the way. Taimer has proven it’s more than capable of replacing international software giants. We are very impressed with the professionalism of the Salomaa development team and all the employees in the Group – and also very proud of our own employees. As a product development project, this has been a remarkable achievement. We can happily inform that we have already provided the ERP version to other corporations”, says Palmgren.

“You can’t find similar products anywhere – at least not at this level, configuration and price. We are very excited about the fact that we can offer corporations a cost-effective tool that truly saves time and money. We also believe that we will have a long-term collaboration ahead of us with the Salomaa Group”, adds CEO, Eero Saarinen.

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Taimer Pro+ Fights Against The Fragmentation Caused By Using Multiple Software Platforms To Run An Enterprise

“Running a business with too many functions, in different platforms and spreadsheets, is an everyday problem regardless of the size of the company. In corporations with multiple businesses, the challenge is even greater, because they have many teams and many businesses to organize and run. The right hand might not always know what the left hand is doing, so to speak. Taimer has been created to solve these problems for companies and corporations of any size”, says Palmgren.

“We’d be delighted to meet and evaluate your company’s processes, needs and to discuss challenges in order to solve them together. Please don’t hesitate to contact us”, Palmgren adds.

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