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Freshwind: "Taimer meets all our needs!"

Freshwind's business of selling big contract work requires planning, production and project management

Freshwind business is all about selling manufacturing and contract work, this requires a lot of planning, project management and clear and defined work processes.

Now we can make a quotation directly in Taimer. We can sell services and use the product register, which we also use as our price list. Importing products and updating is fast and easy, and the application is easy to use with the mobile as well as with tablet. Invoicing, with Taimer, is easy and done in just a few clicks.

Work time management and logging of hours take just a few minutes, it can also be done anywhere. The biggest advantage of using Taimer is the combination of multiple applications in an all-in-one software. There is no need to switch between apps and spreadsheets or export information manually from one application to another. This creates outstanding savings both in time and in cost.

The integration of accounting software and sales automation applications are very welcome expansions, that we have started to use and activate in our Taimer.

Our main goal was, with our processes, to create time savings and streamline our processes. Taimer has met these needs.

Read how Taimer meets the needs of Fulmore and Fimpec.

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