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MicroMedia values Taimer’s usability

B2B marketing expert, MicroMedia, switched from a large, international business management software brand to Taimer. MicroMedia has been impressed by Taimer’s user-friendliness ever since. Read More

“A system is only as good as its worst user.”

MicroMedia has been in the marketing business for almost 40 years and currently employs 50 people. In the fall of 2016, the Company decided to switch its ERP system. The previous system, provided by a well-known, international software corporation had been in use for four years. However, even after years of using the system, some employees still found it difficult.

“We wanted something simpler. The previous system was very fancy, but it required too many skills. As they say, a system is only as good as its worst user. However, these days everyone should be able to input data into a system for themselves,” says Leena Lagerblom, Sales Support Manager at MicroMedia.

“We explored around ten programs and familiarized ourselves more closely with five of these. Taimer really stood out for us with its ease of use and user-friendliness,” Lagerblom explains.


“The whole team already knows how to use Taimer”

MicroMedia has now used Taimer for approximately six months, and the system has met all the Company’s expectations.

“We can already see a big difference to the previous system. Implementing Taimer and inputting information has been simple, and day-to-day use of the product is easy. All of our employees already know how to use it. Everyone can now master the basics and in the autumn we will focus on leveraging Taimer’s different aspects more effectively,” Lagerblom says.

According to Lagerblom, the benefits of Taimer in the Company’s day-to-day work can be seen in all processes: sales and project management, as well as invoicing.

“Thanks to Taimer, our sales team can see how our sales pipeline and quotes are building up with a single click. We can immediately react to deals as they are closed and can continue our project management process with ease. Taimer is also really great to use on-the-go. Our team spends a lot of time traveling during the day, and it’s super easy for them to add new accounts and prospects on their mobiles.”

“Taimer has made project management easier. When creating a quote and considering the cost structure, we are able to estimate our margins really quickly. Tracking hours spent on projects helps us follow up and manage our estimates. If there are any deviations, we can react immediately. If the margin is not what it should be, either during or at the end of a project, the data is always real-time so we can figure out what went wrong and learn from it.”


Lagerblom explains, “The best thing is that everything that is done for a project will be invoiced. It's so simple to create invoices with Taimer. We get clear and understandable reports which makes life much easier!”

Large quantities of data are easy to manage with Taimer

Based on Lagerblom’s experience, Taimer works excellently even when managing large registers and quantities of data.

“Taimer has become our CRM tool. It’s easy to add new accounts and contacts. Managing contacts in Taimer lets us utilize the data more effectively for marketing automation and campaigns,” Lagerblom says.

“Thanks to Taimer’s mobility, we can boost our efficiency exponentially,” she adds.

“Collaboration with the Taimer team has been excellent”

MicroMedia and Taimer’s effortless collaboration has made a huge difference.

“Our collaboration has been incredibly smooth and effortless. We have been extremely satisfied. Taimer has an in-app live chat with a super quick response time which always helps us overcome any hurdles we come across. All our requests immediately receive a personal response, such as, ’Please try this’ or ’Read this article about the feature’ or ’I’ll look into this right away’. This way, the user doesn’t feel like he is falling into a black hole, and knows immediately what’s going on and when. That’s something I really value a lot,” Lagerblom states.

“When implementing a new system, it’s important that the supplier understands the client’s own processes. Taimer's team took care of this aspect extremely well. They knew how to ask questions where appropriate, and even suggested changes to some of our internal processes. We give them a big thank you for this!”

“I can absolutely recommend Taimer for any business that is considering it – especially companies that value the accessibility of up-to-date data, and of a truly easy-to-use software.”


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