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Taimer made it even easier to manage everyday life at Siliä

Siliä Oy chose Taimer as their CRM & project management system in early 2015. Siliä offers training, consulting and ...

A suitable choice and good value for money

Siliä Oy chose Taimer as their business management system in early 2015. Siliä Oy offers training, consulting and content creation for its customers. Taimer was introduced to Siliä Oy by a familiar Taimer employee, but the choice was made because of the system meeting the company's business needs.

"Taimer fulfilled most of our needs and was good value for money. It especially suited our project management needs," says Siliä Oy's COO Tiia Hamro-Drotz.

"In addition to project management, we needed a tool for sales management. We did not have a CRM or project management system in place yet, we used to use Excel and Google cloud services to manage our data."

In the company of four clever employees, the business management was in control with these tools as well, but with Taimer it became even smoother.

"If you look at tracking the profitability of projects, it is better now. It is easier to follow with Taimer. We also use Taimer as a sales tool. All customer information can be found in one place," Hamro-Drotz lists the benefits.

 Quicker and easier monitoring

Taimer has become so integrated into Siliä's everyday routines during the past two years that it is hard to remember the time before it and compare it to the present.

"I had not used a CRM system before, but Taimer met my expectations. We have used the time tracking, project management, cost and financial calculation functions the most. The perhaps largest difference to before is that it is easier and quicker to track and follow up projects and other things in Taimer," says Hamro-Drotz.

The collaboration with the Taimer people has gone well and Siliä has received help when needed.

"Communicating with the people at Taimer has been effortless, and we have been able to reach them quickly by phone. For example, we have been asking for help in situations when we have wanted to know whether something is possible to do with Taimer. The online demos have been helpful when learning about different features. Our development proposals have also been well received by Taimer," Hamro-Drotz explains.

"I recommend Taimer to others, especially to those who need project management tools. Taimer is suitable for several business types and has features for various business needs," Hamro-Drotz says.


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