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Taimer makes Fimpec's ERP clear and systematic

Fimpec Oy was founded in Jyväskylä in 2009, and the company has grown rapidly to become international actor. Fimpec has used Taimer since early stages of its operations.

Need for centralized project management

Fimpec Oy was founded in Jyväskylä in 2009, and the company has rapidly grown to become an international actor since then. Fimpec delivers comprehensive project and security management services for large industrial investments as well as for public construction and infrastructure projects. The company has used Taimer since the early stages of its operations.

"We especially need an ERP-system for project management. We can have projects running in dozens of different locations around Finland and abroad at the same time. There must be a centralized system in which we have all the necessary documents. An important aspect of choosing Taimer was also the ease-of-use of hourly time tracking", the Fimpec CEO Teppo Grén explains.


"At present, we have 45 employees and all of them use Taimer smoothly. Whenever new employees come in, it is easy to get them acquainted with Taimer. We have not had any problems with that", Grén tells us.

The tools of Taimer are in versatile use

In Fimpec's everyday life, Taimer has offered a wide range of benefits. For example, Grén mentions the importance of hourly sign-ups in project work, ease of invoicing, and sales management.

"The hourly time tracking in Taimer works well and allows us to manage the hours to be invoiced for each for project. We use hourly reports in many ways: they work as a basis for invoicing and for checking working hours. It is also interesting for myself to see how much of my working time is allocated on projects and how much on administrative tasks", Grén says.



"Taimer also serves accounting and invoice reviewing purposes. Our pre-invoices come to Taimer, where we can review, modify or approve them and then send them to the accountant with the additional information needed. We have also begun to use Taimer for project budgeting and resource allocation", Grén continues.

"We use Taimer in sales pipeline management by logging all the leads into Taimer and following them up to the deal and project stages. Compared to Excel, it is much clearer to use Taimer: we get leads listed and see who we should make contact with. We are able to keep track of development all the time. And when sales issues are dealt with in the management group, we can see the current situation in real time".

Clear and controlled enterprise management

During several years of the cooperation with Taimer, Fimpec has grown and therefore Taimer has been adjusted accordingly.

"For example, we have created more units under our Taimer account so that each of our four industries has its own sub-unit. Our needs have been taken into account when developing the system and new features. We have also gotten to take part in the development work", Grén says.

"The cooperation has gone well the whole time. We have received service when we have needed it, our questions have always been answered, and no problematic situations have occurred. Based on our experience, I recommend Taimer for at least the same type of companies as we are, but in principle, it works for any company", Grén says.

"When comparing the time before and after Taimer, there is a clear difference. Everything is much clearer and more controllable than when relying on Excel, for example. Updating information is easy and you never have to think about which version is the latest. Everything is saved into the same system".

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