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Fulmore chose Taimer as their business management software

Fulmore changed it's old and slow software to agile and flexible Taimer Business Management Software.

The benefits of Taimer went beyond its competitors

Fulmore, a company focused on securing its market position as a digital agency expert, changed to Taimer in November 2017. For many years, Fulmore had used an ERP system from a global service provider, unfortunately, it did not fully meet their needs and demands.

”The previous software was already outdated, it was being updated. However, they never knew when it was coming. The bigger updates were in really long straps, and even minor changes were slow. Now with Taimer, we have a software producer that puts customer the first and we have a really good dialog with the Taimer team," explains Lauri Miettinen, production manager and founder of Fulmore.

Fulmore's services consist of traditional advertising & digital agency services, marketing consulting, and financial image acquisition projects, so the CRM system requires versatility and flexibility. Taimer responded to all our needs.

"In addition to Taimer, we looked at two other systems, but they would not outdo our previous system. One option would have been to stay with the previous system. Compared to these three options, Taimer was the best. Taimer has invested in streamlining their product and processes, focused on simplicity and ease-of-use. It also works fast, "says Miettinen.


Taimer meets the need of your business

From the day that Fulmore decided to change to Taimer, it didn't take many weeks to be fully up and running.

"It's been a good ride with Taimer. Their way of working is agile and with professionalism. Getting started is as easy as it can be. Big thumbs up to the customer success team!" Miettinen praises.

Of particular importance to Fulmore is that Taimer's customer care is at the heart of everything.

"Taimer has always helped and answered every single question. They really want to understand our business and help you explore the use of Taimer. They not only present the features of Taimer but also tell us what the benefits are for our business, "says Miettinen.

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